Saturday, April 16, 2011

Careful, U Might Be Jealous of these Lambs!

After school on Thursday, I got home from school, let the dogs out for a quick potty break, checked on the new lambies then got in the truck to drive over to the hayman's house to get 40 bales of hay because yes, I fed my last bale of hay that morning and the weather for the weekend was looking like rain and more rain, so I thought I'd play it safe.  Anyways, when I got home from getting hay, I fed the animals before I unloaded the whole truck.  Betsy Bee I noticed was finding a corner in the lean to settle down.  Yep, Betsy was looking to have some babies.  I got my "quick fix" stall ready and ushered her in.  And in clear Betsy style, she stomped her foot at me to show she was irritated with me.  I told her I did not care but I kindly reminded her that I asked her to deliver me a lamb with spots and a moorit/brown based gulmoget, preferably ewes.  I shook my finger at her and she stomped her foot back.  I got the hay unloaded and checked back in on Betsy who was getting comfortable.  By 7:30 she was having a few contractions. "Vampire Diaries" was a new episode at 8 so I did a quick check on her. Nothing. Commerical break at 8:25. Out to the barn. Got a head coming out. Grabbed the towels.  I think Betsy would have stomped her foot at me if she could have but she was busy.  Within 15 minutes Betsy delivered me this:

Yep, Betsy gave me what I asked for.

Now how much more awesome could this ewe lamb be? 

And this little ram lamb? Check out those markings and fleece! Okay now he does have little horn buds even though he sire is Jed, but I will live with that. So would one call the markings a fawn, smirslet gulmoget?

I just love the black spot on her tail...........

And her side profile.......I think I am in love with her!

Okay, and just how sweet is his little guy?  He already told me he loves me;)
So Betsy, my first Shetland ewe I ever bought, delivered me exactly what I asked for.
She lets me sit with her and her babies as long as I have peppermint treats for her.
So I bred 2 Shetland ewes and got 3 ewe lambs and 1 ram lamb.
I'm happy!
Even happier cuz I am on Springbreak now!!!


Tammy said...

Congrats--they are indeed adorable, and mighty nice of her to give you just what you wanted. That ewe lamb is marked so pretty. It's also great you got the three to one ewe/ram ratio. Enjoy your sweet little babies!

Nancy K. said...

Well you sure can't beat that with a stick!

Congratulations on the beautiful babies and incredibly cooperative ewe. (foot stomping aside)


Christine said...

Awwwwww, you lucky dog! I think I'm in love with her too.

It always cracks me up when they stomp. Like they think they're being all scary or something.

Mim said...

Yes I am jealous! Darling lambs.

Juliann said...

I'm jealous! They are beautiful! Congratulations on the little beaties!

Juliann said...

Oops, I meant beauties. That's what I get for typing too quickly.

Jamie said...

I watch vampire diaries too! How funny. Those lambs are too cute!!

Voni said...

Wonderful babies. So cute and love the markings!

Karen said...

I'm so glad you got just what you asked for! Congratulations and enjoy your spring break.

Caroline said...

Thanks for sharing your pics. Your lambs are beautiful. Love the one in the previous post of the lamb snuggling on top of its mama.

Michaele said...

So, so sweet!

kristi said...

Oh, we are so excited to hear from everyone! Thanks for stopping by to see the babies! All babies are doing so well and so are the moms. Just 2 more goats to have kids and then its a wrap!