Monday, March 7, 2011

Looking for a Sense of Humor......

I am trying very hard to sport a sense of humor while mucking through all the mud, frozen mud, and muddier mud during chore time. Saturday's 1.5 inches of rain almost put me over the edge and Wednesday's predication of more rain is just giving me a warm, fuzzy feeling already.  The animals are helping me cope with my rather "annoyed" mood lately.

Lil' Texas was just a smiling little fool for me.............

Not sure what Essex is thinking, probably that life will be much better when she gets about 10 plus pounds of wool sheared off........or maybe she is thinking, "I can't dread another day of snow."

Oh, then there is bad Ripton and loveable TJ respectively.  Ripton is playing the "I am so cute and innocent" role right now.  Shall I mention the broken leg incident?  Perhaps the broken gate incidents?  Such a punk. Even so, I plan on using him next year for breeding 2 of the girls and yes TJ, you and Essex are going to be an item next year!!!
Hope all is well with everyone and I am sure we are all thinking of greener days and less mud!  


jen said...

And you think I may need professional help!:)

Barb said...

Lil Texas...I think I love him!

What a face.

kristi said...

Not as bad as you:) Just remember, what goes around comes around....Gracie is a mini-you!

Oh he is a he wormed his way out of his pen and was enjoying life back by the big barn. He loves himself;)

Tracey said...

"I can't dread another day of snow.".....LOL!!!
Hang in there Kristi,