Monday, March 21, 2011

Best Dog Buddy

Do you have a BDB on the farm?
Best Dog Buddy? 
( I just made that up btw).
Dixie is mine.  She goes with me everywhere and is extremely offended and/or crushed if she is not with me 24/7.  She is the first one out in the morning and the last one in at night. She is always with me for night time barn checks, she likes to think she is keeping everyone in line but really she is their buddy.She likes to play kissy face with them so she can get a share of their grain rations too.  The baby animals peak her curiosity and she works very hard to win their affection.

And after a hard day on the farm.......she just lays back and relaxes.
She has no shame.
My BDB Dixie.


jen said...

I have 2 BDB!
But they are not as talented as Miss Dixie! Maybe she can share her talents this Summer with us city folks:)

kristi said...

Dixie would love to share with her cousins esp. pond swimming and special "treats" and it all takes place off leash!!!!!! Their mom is not allowed at our summer camp as she is too anal about their cleanliness!

Barb said...

You are blessed to have such a wonderful, loving and hard-working (and hard "relaxing") BDB!

Tammy said...

I miss my big BDB. :-( He was always watching even if he couldn't go every step of the way. Ashley is 'busy' right now too, so I'm out there doing chores on my own. Seems really, really weird (like the first time in 30 years I haven't been shadowed by a BDB). Soon though puppies will be big enough to come outside and I'm sure that one of them will be a good BDB, and hopefully Ashley will be inspired too. (She is a tad bit lazy). :-) Glad you have your beautiful little Dixie to keep you in line.

Susan said...

Of course being Ms. Dixie's Gramma I'm a tad bit predjudiced!!! Her Momma is one of my BDB!!! Cousin Ivy & Uncle Onyx rate pretty highly as well. Give youro BDB a big hug from us here.

Kara said...

My BDB is Rose. I miss her being my shadow since she is busy taking care of her pups. Didn't realize how much I depend on her.

James said...

Miss Zifcheck your BDB is beyond adorable!