Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Option 1 and Ice Skating

I will tell no lie, on Tuesday when there were over 500 schools closed and the school where I teach was NOT among those 500,  I choose Option 1 for "sick day".  I knew that my 50 minute drive would be an easy 2 hr drive and as text messages and phone calls came in from fellow colleagues, I knew I had made the right choice.  Wednesday I did not have to choose Option 1 because someone in the district made a common sense decision and closed the district. Its amazing what a college education can do for some individuals.  Now I am not going to say I have been super productive in these 2 days because that would be a lie, maybe a little productive like I sewed up new curtains for 2 door windows but I have enjoyed my TV which I rarely sit and watch. 

Snow, sleet, and ice are the choice words for the past 2 days.  The sheep take it in stride, enjoying their club house when the winds and snow really kick up.

The rams and bucks are enjoying their hay under the pin oak tree that is still hanging on to its leaves which are now ice covered and sound like glasses clinging. This is the only tree that keeps its leaves all winter.  Maybe it doesn't like the naked feeling.

This is my new speed skating arena.  If I do it right, I can slide in my muck boots all the way to the barn. I figure I have enough padding on my butt and with my coveralls so I am good to go if I bale.  Dixie will save me, Squirt will if I have a cookie, and the sheep and goats will want to know how thats working for me.

And totally oblivious to all of the weather drama are the babies.  Its amazing how fast they have already grown in less than a week.  I scheduled their dehorning for next week today.......I am working on a name for the little girl ( ok, maybe I might keep her;) but the little boys are going to be offered for sale.

Now, where are my ice skates?

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Barb said...

Take care on the skating rink....maybe you should pad your head somehow. I know that the times I have fallen my head seems to enjoy going backwards to see if it can smash a hole in whatever I have landed on....geez! And you don't want that ambulance coming again and scaring the beejeebers out of your neighbors.