Friday, February 25, 2011

Its Not Pretty Anymore

Last night the weather man said blizzard like conditions coming in around 4 am.  Large amounts of snow, extreme wind gusts, blowing snow, definite school closings.  Sure I thought to myself.  Those weatherman are like drama queens.  At 4:30 am when I got up, it was looking a bit rough outside, actually it was ugly outside.  But only a few school closings were posted on tv.  I took my shower and came back out to check school closings.  Not my school. Of course not.  By 5:15 school closings were pouring in and by some small miracle, someone in my district closed school. Wonders will never cease.  Can you see how the snow is having a bad effect on my attitude now?  Its kinda like I am "so done with it".  Now its irritating, annoying, not pretty, its ugly, real ugly......I hate it now. I. AM. THE. SNOW. HATER! 

This picture doesn't give the full effect of the 35 mph wind gusts, the white crap hitting my face, the animals screaming at me because I am not moving fast enough through the snow drifts that have hindered my short legs useless.  Probably a good thing these pictures don't have sound because I would have had to rate this blog entry "R" for bad language especially this morning when I was trying to figure out where to feed everyone.  The insides of the barns even had snow in them due to the way the wind was whipping around.  That was real nice, absolutely awesome.....a perfect bonus for my  already "positive" attitude.

Even some of the sheep had words about the weather......well, I am assuming they did because I know they were not talking smack about me!

Once the snow and winds died down around 4:00, I had more paths to shovel.

Of course, some animals were oblivious to the weather drama today and were just happy to get out to run around and play!  Ahh, to be so young and nieve. 
Well, at least I got a day off of school, reconnected with my TV and couch, and enjoyed sampling all my junk food.  On Monday its suppose to be in the upper 50's with rain, maybe even thunderstorms.  Wonder where 10 plus inches of snow will go????!!!!


Nancy K. said...

Oh, MY! Somebody is really sick of winter...

I'm with you, sister!

Susan said...

Tell, Dixie that her Momma and cousin Ivy like it a lot too. Not me however

melanie said...

Hah! It hasn't been pretty around here since December...and that was 6 feet ago. As for the colorful language...I need to invent something because the "F" word is standard fare and doesn't even feel naughty anymore...

Barb said...

I just thought I would share today's quote from my calendar,
"Appreciate Winter's Beauty". Huh, I'll need to think on that since it is below zero again this morning.

The upside is that most of us across the country can share each other misery in the deep winter blues.

Does that help?

kristi said...

So sick of it!! I think the sheep are too!

Dixie is too faithful sometimes. Today is got cookies at the bank and feed store....such a scammer;)

Oh, I hear you on that "F" word, but I try to be as crative as I can when I use it with other words:) Thanks for stopping by!

Thats what good about blogging, we can all sympathize with each other;) No appreciation going on over here, only in December and January!

Jamie said...

to cold climes comes springtime! You have a really cold clime, you'll have a wonderful spring!

Deborah said...

Your not alone....I'm as sick of this white shit as you are! Crawling in it, shoveling it, snowblowing it. That's become my entire life other than going to work! My sheep don't even recognize me unless I'm in the orange kubota moving snow! lol.....keep your chin up girlfriend, it will be over soon - I hope :)