Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Early Gardening Temptations

There have been little temptations popping up at the stores recently.  I have made a conscious choice to buy those little temptations a little at a time so I won't have to make a big purchase and feel guilty about spending a lot of money at one time.  Of course you understand my rationale.

At the feed store, there were many, many new seed packets.  I have good luck with seeds purchased from the "Livingston Seed Co."  I love these "warty" pumpkin squash and I am determined to be premier squash grower this year.  I'll be honest, I hate carrots but these purple carrots just looked too cool to grow.  I got early yellow squash and some beans to start with. 

In my Christmas stocking this year (yes, I am 42 yrs old and I still demand get a stocking) my very cool Mom, had all of these neat seed packets that she bought when her and my Dad went to my favorite state of Vermont this past Fall.  She got them at the Vermont Wildflower store so I will have a"fun" Vermont spot in my garden this summer!

Now these bottle temptations I was NOT going to pass up! The bottle tree in the background I started last year because my Mom said I had to and I always have to listen to my Mom even though Dad yells at the both of us because her and I have too much "junk". Anyways, my favorite store I shop at had all of these fun colored bottles for $1.49 !!!!  Now seriously, would you pass those up if you saw them for $1.49?  I am thinking I may have to buy another bottle tree!!
So, it may be February but I am definitely in planning mode for the garden!


Michaele said...

Those are the cutest seed packets ever!

Foothills Poultry said...

I went by Lowes specificall to look at the seeds that just came in. This year I found some honey dew seed packets. I only bought 2 of those and no other seeds for now. Last year they sold out of them before I even got to the store. I am pulling out the seed bin this week and doing some test settings to see what older seeds are still viable.


Sue said...

I've come across those Livingston seeds-you have to try the Blue Spice Basil---it is the most HEAVENLY scent. Seriously, I don't grow it to eat, just to's THAT good!
Love those funky bottle colors-what a nice bright spot that will be in the yard!

Barb said...

I got all my seeds ordered from Seed Savers (Decorah, IA) on Monday. Soon there will be seed starting trays scattered hither and yon around here. I was thinking of putting out spring decorations early since I am really tired of winter. Now that all the snow is melting all the icky stuff is showing up. It will be some time before things start to green up so why not start early in the house.

Your bright and cheery bottles are delightful. Can't wait to see your new "tree".

thecrazysheeplady said...

I bought some seeds yesterday too!