Saturday, January 8, 2011

Planned Parenthood on the Farm......

Yeah, planned parenthood on the farm does not work.  Actually, I have come to realize that farm animals have a way of shattering all of my aspirations of being an organized, well-planned out, goal setting, on task hobby farmer extraordinaire.

Take Crazy Daisy.  My 2 year old LaMancha.  Wanna know why she is driving me crazy?

See that?  Yep, that would be an udder.  An udder that is obviously getting quite large indicating kids, oh probably within 2 weeks I guess.  She never stands like that with her legs almost crossing.  Wanna know why she is standing like that?  She is cold. Probably cuz it was about 14 degrees outside when I took this picture this afternoon.  Why would I, hobby farmer extraordinaire wannabe, ever breed goats to kid in January, in the dead of winter, when its flippin below 30 degrees most of the month?  I WOULD NOT!  I MEAN I HAVE 2 COLLEGE DEGREES, I HAVE COMMON SENSE.  I planned my breedings this year.  I thought I took charge.  I put Jed in with 2 of the Shetland ewes in late November for April lambs, I bred the 2 LaManchas I planned on breeding because I walked the bucks to the girls and when the breeding was over, I walked the bucks back.  Daisy was not in that walk.

Nor was Sassy my Nigerian Dwarf who I thought was looking more fluffy than normal and then the udder thing showed up.

That's fluffy Sassy on the left.  So it looks like these girls are going to be "kidding" soon, too soon for me!  So this means the point of conception was back in September.  What was going on in September?  I don't know. It was back to school.  It was hot.  My bucks are not in with the does and sheep.  Lil' Texas, my Nigerian buck, had got out a couple of times. When? I don't know.  Was Sassy out with him? I don't remember back that far.  Then there is Patty's LaMancha buckling. When did I take him out and put him the other 2 bucks? Was it before September?  I don't know.  I thought it was. Could he be the source of my now completely stressed out mind in this matter?  Maybe. I will worry about the daddy issue once the babies are born and they are healthy and warm and that I am there cuz  I am just freaked that babies are coming in the dead of winter....January of all months. Barf.  I need to order things from my catalogs tomorrow so I have everything on hand.  I picked up milk replacer just in case today. Good grief I am much for hobby farmer extraordinaire this year and its only January 8th.


Foothills Poultry said...

You have to take the girls on Jerry Springer. It can be one of those "Who's my babies' Daddy" episodes.


Voni said...

Nothing like unexpected babies. Last year I had a few babies and mama's on my porch with heat lamps because it was too cold when they came. Please post pictures of the babies when they come and dong ok.

Barb said...

Maybe a Trail Cam (or several by the sounds of your crew!) would be a good idea around there. That way you can see what your flock is up to when you are not around.....sly bunch you've got there!! ;o)

Sheepmom said...

Ain't it amazing how much trouble a pair, or 2, of hormone-laden animals can do?
Benita in southeastern Indiana where it was 4 above at 8:30A today - I'm sick of this cold this year.

Kara said...

Oh Dear! You might have to think back as far as August if they kid soon.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Those opening blog photos are some GRAND faces! :)

Nancy K. said...

I use my BLOG for all my record keeping! If I need to check a lamb's date of birth, or find out when I put the ram in with the girls or which ewes had which lambs and who was the sire etc., I just check my blog archives. It's the best record keeping system I've ever used!


Good luck with the babies!