Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Miss You Already

How does one celebrate the life of a best friend?  This is question that has tugged at my heart all week.  I wasn't going to post anything about this but then I wanted to share and write down how much the love of an animal can be part of one's life. Perhaps the sharing is the way to celebrate.
On Monday my cat Linus passed away after a very short battle with cancer.  I could never say Linus was just a cat.  He was a best friend.  He was and always will be one of my children. I brought him home from the animal shelter when he was almost 7 weeks old.  That was 17 years ago.  In human years that is well into the 90's. Over the past few days I have been struggling with emotions as I have been reflecting on all that has transpired in 17 years and realizing how much one animal that I loved played such a huge part in my life, always there to help keep a smile on my face.  Time does go way to fast.
Over the past 17 years I got divorced, almost lost my house because I could not afford it after just having graduated from college and being newly divorced; started teaching 17 years ago; got my Master's Degree; had 3 Amish barns built; collected many farm animals;  raised 4 Newfoundlands who have all passed away; struggled to pay bills; and in all of these highs and lows, Linus was the one constant in my life.  He made me laugh, he gave me a shoulder to cry on, he sat on my lap or rested on my shoulder. 
He was always there.

I can't remember him ever not being in the house.  He has always been there, with me, for me. For 17 years Linus has been part of my life.  There are so many things I miss about him.
I miss sharing my milk and cookies with you before bedtime.
I miss scolding you for eating a bird when you know I fed you Fancy Feast cuz you were my favorite.
I miss you sneaking on my Mac'n Cheese  with your paw.
I miss having you sit on my lap when I grade papers.
I miss forgetting to turn off the water in the sink after you had a drink.
I miss you locking up the keyboard on my laptop when you walked across it.
I miss walking around the yard at night with a flashlight looking for you
cuz you were out after kitty curfew.
I miss you spilling my cereal on Sunday morning because you wanted the milk.
I miss you tripping me when I open the front door when I come home from school.
I miss you constantly jumping through the screen door on the porch 5 minutes after I fixed it.
I miss you meowing at me because I slept in and your breakfast was late.
I miss our arguements on why you can't go outside.
I miss laughing at you sitting at the front door 5 minutes after I did finally let you out
because I told you it was cold and you didn't believe me.
I miss picking you up and dancing with you to my favorite songs.
I miss you sleeping next to me on cold winter nights.
I miss our Eskimo kisses everyday.
I miss everything about you Linus.
I know your in a better place now, catching up with the Newfies, and playing with Tasha.
One day you and I will share a glass of milk again.  Until then, just remember I love you.


jen said...

Linus was very special to you sis, and it's ok to miss him.
You gave him the greatest gift any kitty could ask for, a loving home and a great life.
He is up at the rainbow bridge with the best of them, healthy, happy and watching over you.

Michelle said...

I know how broken your heart is; I've lost a best beastie friend, too. I'm so sorry....

Barb said...

Sending you hugs. I am so sorry about your dear Linus. It is so painful to let our dear sweet companions go.


Nancy K. said...

I'm so glad that you had seventeen years with your Linus! What a gift you were to each other. To me, the hardest thing about loving an animal is knowing that we will outlive them and have to go on without them. I think the pain and emptiness we experience when they leave us is like no other.

Treasure the memories and, when you're ready, share that love with some poor little kitty who would never experience being loved ~ if it weren't for you. I bet Linus would like that!

Tammy said...

I'm so sorry Kristi,
I understand every word you said about your dear friend. I have a heart kitty too, and he has been with me for 14 constant years. He shares many of the same habits as Linus did. What beautiful little buddies they are, and I ache for you in your loss. Take care,

Kara said...

Kristi I am so sorry. The ones that we have for so long leave an even bigger hole is that is possible. I had my first horse for 20 years before I lost him to old age of 33.

thecrazysheeplady said...


Jen and Rich Johnson said...


I don't comment on a lot of blogs, but your post was beautiful and I just wanted to thank you for sharing such a personal story with the rest of us. I'm sorry for your loss, but no one can take away your memories with Linus. I can only imagine the void that you have, but keep thinking about the good times. A lot of people never experience such joy for such a long time!

Best Regards,


Susan said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your Linus kitty. Your tribute to him is beautiful.

kristi said...

Thank you everyone for stopping by; for taking the time to read and for taking the time to share your is very much appreciated. I know time heals all wounds but its still hard. Gosh, how we love those animls......

Christine said...

Beautifully written. I too have a best friend like that and cannot imagine life without her.

Anonymous said...

So sad. I am glad you had so much time with such a wonderful critter. Sorry about your loss.

Teri said...

Oh Kristie I couldn't hardly read this post without tears. We have four cats ourselves and I know how attached we get, how much they mean to us, and what a huge place they are in our everyday actions. I'm so sorry to hear about Linus. What a pretty boy he was. You're lucky to have had him in your life. :)

Tracey said...

I am soooo sorry Kristi.
Sending you a big hug from your long lost blog friend,