Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sheep w/Issues

Dear Hobby Farmer Wanna Be Kristi:
After much discussion in the barn, we, the sheep have decided to confront you on a couple of issues.  We would like you to keep an open mind and not become one of those oversensitive females.  We feel that if you can rectify the mistakes you have made then your hobby farmer extraordinaire status may improve. 
First Issue:
We have noticed that you are slipping the 2 goat-ho's some very nice smelling, very fresh green alfalfa and giving us the typical timothy orchard first cutting hay.  Care to explain?  See, weren't you just 2 weeks ago having a fit when you discovered they were pregnant, making a mess of your kidding and lambing schedule that you so diligent planned for.  Actually, we heard you call them "farm sluts" at one point.  See, us sheep know those goats are fast, always screaming at the top of their lungs when they want a little, not too mention they are pushy & bossy, always trying to start a head butting fight.  We are very good sheep. We demanded equality in the barn and it starts with the feed.  Please rectify the issue in the upcoming feedings.

Second Issue:
Look for over 3 years we have been listening to country music on the radio.  Then for a month we have to listen to the Christmas music, you know we can only baa to so much Rudolph before one of us wants to shoot him.  Sorry, no disrespect to Santa but it does become a little much when we hear it 24/7.  Of course, you have conveniently located the radio high up on a shelf on the opposite side of the gate so we can't change the station.  You know, just cuz we are "country farm animals" doesn't mean we can't turn it up a notch.  How about 'lil Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, maybe even little Motown every now and then?   

Third Issue:
Ok, this is a sensitive issue, but we can't take it any more.
Its really bad. We have noticed that for the past 2 months you have not changed your clothes.  You come out every morning and every evening in those ridiculous pink coveralls and honestly we could give a crap that you think the pink is cute and fun, just feed us. 
Is your shower broken? Did you forget to pay the water bill? Perhaps, is the washer broken?  Look, we understand that times are rough & the economy is slow, we hear it everyday on the radio but can you not afford some laundry detergent? Our wool is starting to smell like you, and quite frankly, its not attractive. People are going to start to think its us that smells, and its not.  Its you.  Wash the clothes, take a shower, buy another pair of coveralls, but do something.  Because if you don't, it could get ugly out in the barn. 
Just sayin'.
Look, we care about you and because we care, we needed to confront you on these issues.  Like we said, these changes could make a world of difference.  We were talking that if you rectify these issues, we might even nominate you for Hobby Farmer of the Year!  Now don't get too excited because thats a big "If".   Lets just start with you buying some detergent and more alfalfa for us and we'll go from there.

The Sheep


Christy said...

I have those same overalls! Mine are just as dirty as yours too. I wonder if my goats are starting to mind my smell. Right now they are mad at me for not giving them hay until 10 pm last night.

Nancy K. said...


And I thought Dream was lippy!


Think carefully before you give in! Remember, if you give an inch ~ they may just demand a mile. The next thing you know they'll be wanting air conditioning in the summer and television....

Anonymous said...

Wow- your sheep are demanding! But I have not received Hooby Farmer of the Year either.

Sandy said...

If the sheep have that many issues I can't even imagine what the goats have to say! LOL

Too cute!

Shula said...

LMAO love it! ALthough I have to say your sheep are lucky to get a radio, mine only get music when I am mucking them out and doing the morning chores.

thecrazysheeplady said...

This is hilarious!

Barb said... you feel safe living alone with those ladies??? Watch your back. :O)

P.S. My word verification was "stingers"....oh, oh. Be may be a sign.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Wow, sheep are so opinionated! I think that goats are much more superior and would never criticize our lady (cough-cough). hee hee hee

Tracey said...

It was a sheep Intervention at your place huh?
Cute post!!