Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dreads of Winter

There comes a point in winter when I just know its just the dead of winter.  The grey skies, pathetic cold temps, snow that keeps coming and keeps staying...............
..........and the dread locks on the Cotswolds.  This is Nistock Farms Essex Junction aka "Essex".  This is Essex's second winter and she is sporting some serious dreads.  She often likes to wear her hay jewelry that other sheep and goats will eventually pick off and eat. I am wondering if she needs a ponytail holder so she can see? 

Ethan, a Black Cotswold wether, is sporting shorter dreads.  However, he has the white winter cap look going on  which is quite fashionable if I do say so myself.

Miss Chelsea, a white Romney from Vermont Grand View Farm, appears to be enjoying her first winter. She won't have the real long dreads like the Cotswolds but just little ones. I just love her face!
 Another sure sign of winter cold is when the snow doesn't melt off of the sheep.  Now of course every year people ask me if the sheep sleep inside the barn. 90% of the time the sheep are sleeping outside, either in the lean-to's or under the overhang of the barn and often they are laying right out in the snow while its snowing.  
This morning it was -6.  Tonight its suppose to be about the same with a high of 11 on Sunday.  And Sassy and Daisy are holding strong with those babies;)  The sound of 30 degrees in the weather forecast is exciting, however, there is no 30 in this weeks forecast!


Tracey said...

Good thing they have those wool coats built right in :)
Happy Saturday Kristi!

jen said...

Baby it's cold outside!!!

I can't believe they sleep out there!

Leroy wants to know why you didn't take him home with you today? He would of slept outside with the sheep!

Shula said...

I do love the Cotswolds, I need to find a mini version :) Brrr that's nice and cold, it's a balmy 1 degree here this morning.

Barb said...

You have a good-lookin' bunch of sheep there. Have they settled down? No more lectures from them to you about favoritism?
(-17 below here this morning...don't know windchills. Bleh!!)

Marianne said...

We just added 3 Cotswolds to our flock and the yearlings are growing really nice dreads. They were bred by a Cotswold ram (who died, sadly), but we are looking forward to our 1st Cotswold lambs. I suppose they aren't born with dreadlocks, are they?
I would love to have snow over all this mud.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I think some fancy hair clips :-D.