Saturday, December 11, 2010

On Farm Help

When trying to accomplish any type of farm chores it is always a good idea to brief the animals on what is going to take place.  The animals are always compelled to lend a helping hand; however, some of their help is not always helpful.

The last few storms wrecked havoc on a few rows of shingles on the barn so I had to call in reinforcements to help repair them before this big winter storm blows in.  FWB, aka ex-husband, came over as he knew that if I attempted the reshingling I would make more of a mess and then when I would have to call him to fix my mess plus the original mess, well he knows me well enough that its just easier to come over the first time I call.  Twenty-five years of knowing each other does have some benefits:)  He also knows the animals well enough that he has to brief them before repair work starts as the thieving antics of the goats has gotten the best of him more than once.  I think his words probably included, "this is my ladder and my tools so lets leave it that way."

Of course, when one is on the job it is important to make sure there is someone there to watch the ladder.....Daisy was right there for FWB.

Miniature horse help is always there to offer opinion on how the job is going but if they don't get any "feedback" well they move on after a while. 
Todays temps reached the low 40's so it was nice to get a lot of barn chores done and I picked up an extra 35 bales of hay this morning. The weathermen are hyping this storm up pretty good so I plan on being holed up in the house tomorrow.  I can only pray for a snow day on Monday or Tuesday.............

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Christmas Snow Angels

I have been owned and loved by so many wonderful four legged children, each one holding a special place in my heart.  Of course, the Holidays always bring out that sentimental time to reflect.  On the mantel of my fireplace I always place favorite pictures of my children, each decorated in a Christmas frame. I find comfort in seeing each of them, knowing the joy and love that they brought to the house. I like to think of them as my Christmas Snow Angels.

Pictured above is precious little Attie.  Years ago when I was working at the vet. clinic a lady brought in a litter of 6 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgis for a health check and first shots.  One of the female puppies was diagonsed with a heart murmur.  The lady was concerned with placing this little girl in a home and offered her to anyone of us at the vet, knowing that this little puppy would receive the proper care for her heart murmur.  I had never owned a little dog and at the time I had a Newfie at home and 2 beagles.  But boy she sure was cute.......and she ended up being the most wonderful addition to the house!  Attie showed me the world through little legs, how to sleep comfortablely on one's back, the need to herd and nip everyone's heels, she was the best shot-gun passenger, and best of all I could just pick her up and carry her and dress her up! Gosh, I love that little girl! In the 5 short years that I had her with me she taught me that everyday is a new day and the best way to live life is by being happy each and every moment your feet touch the ground in the morning.  She is my Christmas Snow Angel because she holds the majic of the season in my heart every time I see this Santa Paws picture of her!

Lacey was my fourth Newfie.  Because she was a Landseer, a black & white Newfie, I knew I was going to have a bit of a challenge with her.  Newfie people often say the Landseers are higher strung than black and brown Newfs.  Oh, my Lacey always had something to say to me.  She was a magnet for any pond, creek, mud puddle, or even a big bucket of water that she could put her front paws in and stand.  Of course, she always did this at the most opportune times.  She was truly my big girl, she loved her quilt, loved a big bone, loved to be filthy, loved to hang out in the snow for hours, tolerated the insanity of the beagles, and made me feel safe in my home with her alert bark and keen sense of presence.  I have not had another Newfoundland since Lacey passed away.......maybe one day I will, however she is and always will be a Snow Angel that watches over me.

Wishing Everyone the Magic of the Season through a Christmas Snow Angel!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Windows

I just love peeking through windows to see a little Christmas cheer especially when the window panes have collected some fresh snow..........
My little wooden stake reindeer looks cheerful tucked inside even if I forgot some Fall decorations..........

The little illuminated reindeer I bought fit perfectly inside the window house and looks too cute lit up at night.  I put my Santa sign in there just to remind Santa to stop for me.  I have been very good this year........can't say much about those pathetic chickens out there and the only reason I swore a couple of times was because of them so Santa should overlook that minor infraction.

Outdoor cat Jingles just so happened to be sitting on the porch railing the other day while I was hanging the wreathes on all the windows so I couldn't resist a quick photo of him. 
Nine more school days left 'till Christmas Break starts..........YIPPEE!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

On Sheep and Snow

Yesterday was a beautiful skies and bright sun rising in the east reflecting off of the first accumulation of snow thus far this year.  I enjoy feeding on mornings like this, watching the animals munching on their hay, going from pile to pile because obviously someone elses pile is better than their pile.

Everyone was content and even the horses were being polite and sharing the hay.

Danby stopped to give me a photo opportunity as he was sporting his share of the morning hay......maybe saving it for later in the day.

Of course living about 45 minutes south of Lake Erie allows me the experience of the Lake Effect Snow machine.  Today the bands of snow decided to grace my area.  Notice only sheep are hanging out, the goats high-tailed it for the comfort of the barn.

I guess if you have a nice wool coat on then standing in the blowing snow isn't all that bad.  Even little Pawlet on the left has a nice thick Shetland coat on, though she is probably thinking that big ole' Hamilton and Ethan could probably shield her from some of the blowing snow.  There is just something about sheep and snow that makes me smile regardless if the snow is blowing or not:)

How's the snow picture looking at your place?