Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Say 34, They Say 43

Well, they are just not like when you were 5.  No fun cake.  No fun parties. No fun presents.
Lets see.......today I went to work, then I went to the feed store, then I fed the animals in the rain which is totally the most annoying thing in the world to me and then the highlight of my b-day was taking my beagle Squirt to the vet to have his anal glands expressed.  Of course, all the girls at the vet laughed at me and tried to give me a birthday biscuit......what would I do without my best friends?
Interestingly, I got a variety of emails and text messages.....how times are a changing.  I got this fun email card from a friend which made me smile.

I almost had my students convinced that I was 34 until the math teacher ratted me out and pointed out the fact that I teach social studies because I am terrible at math and therefore transposed the 3 and the 4 and it should be 43.......so many haters in the world!  But I did stop at Paneras on the way home from work and bought my favorite chocolate chip bagels for a birthday snack though the dogs insisted that I shared it with them.......I didn't even get a card from them!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

An Almost Christmas Tragedy

Last Christmas you gave it a good fight, but only one side would light.

After the season I put you away, a little pray I did say.

Out of the basement you came this year to be another Christmas hit.

But when I plugged you in, all I could say was, "Oh shit."

You died right before my eyes, there will be no Christmas surprise.

Gone was my first illuminated dear, a little pout and I shed a tear.
The herd will never be the same,
No one to play the silly night reindeer game.
Quick! I had to think fast!
The Christmas season just began and it must last!
Oh gosh, I have to get one more!
Credit card in hand, I drove to the store!
Two boxes I found on the Walmart shelf,
with a little chuckle, I grabbed one for myself!

With quick Chinese assembly instructions, I had it made in the shade!
A hodge podge of reindeer, none homemade.

But its silly little things like this, that makes it all the more reason,
to enjoy the laughter and joy of the Christmas season!