Friday, November 26, 2010

I Caved......I Shopped!

After a restful Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's yesterday, I awoke to a very chilly morning. I was done feeding the animals by 7:30. The dogs had no desire to play outside, the sheep and goats were busy munching their hay, the horses were busy trying to find the last piece of grain leftover by the sheep, and the chickens were busy doing nothing cuz thats what they do best.....nothing. So what was I going to do? Let me think......laundry? NO. Wash the floors? NO. Grade school papers? HECK NO! I had an idea......go shopping with hundreds of my best friends!! I caved. I just couldn't resist.......I had already made my list of places to go last night......just in case. I left the house at 8:15. I got home at 2:20. It was wrong on so many levels. But I had so much fun shopping for me......okay I did buy gifts for Mom and Dad, me, sister Jen, me, brother-in-law Bob, me, FWB, me, the dogs, me..........I can't say what I bought cuz sister Jen might be reading and she is really nosy. But I really like all of the Bath-n-Body stuff esp the VIP bag and my house is going to smell so festive and my hands will smell so twisted peppermint after doing barn chores! Lots of creative stuff from JoAnn Fabrics.....denim fabrics, fleece stuff, new sewing tools.......goodness, I am going to have to start getting creative! I forgot I had to pick up 2 bales of pine shavings so when I got to the feed store which was my last stop, my friend Dave there just shook his head because I had to rearrange the mini-van to get them in there. It was quite packed in the van but I only have a few items to pick up for my niece and nephew and I am done!!! I did get 2 gifts, one for a boy and one for a girl which goes to my school. Santa comes for the pre-K to 3rd graders and the teachers donate gifts to make Christmas for them as some many have so little. I had too much fun today!

Tomorrow is decorating day....all day!

Bring on a little bit of snow and some red fleece!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finishing Up w/Pumpkins

Farmer Dad was given the task of locating "free" pumpkins to feed to the animals, I have to keep him busy doing something, gosh knows those retired people have to much free time on their hands! Just kidding Dad!!! I was impressed by his accomplishments and he said he may have more coming after the big turkey day !

It took only a day for the animals to clean up their treats. It was like a race to the finish! Hamilton's big self was not going to share with anyone.

There was the Nigerian Dwarf and LaMancha goat tag team cleaning up a pumpkin.

And silly Ethan refused to look at me for a picture cuz his face was submerged in the pumpkin!
Know I am going to prefer some of Mom's pumpkin pie with lots of whip cream on top. I will be honest and say that pie baking is not one of my better cooking items so I don't even bother. But I can make one heck of a pumpkin cheesecake!