Saturday, November 6, 2010

Psst.....hey I was wondering

"Psst.....hey Essex, I was wondering since this is my first winter, when does this snow thing start flying around here?" Danby asked today.

"Well Danby, its been getting colder and we had that really cold morning and heavy frost this week so it shouldn't be too long now," Essex conferred.

"So for right now Danby, just hang out with all of us long wools and you'll be just fine," Addison chimed in. "But stay away from those goats cuz they are always trying to pull on our beautiful fleeces!"

"And my dear Danby, I love your beautiful locks and I think your gonna love the winter!"

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just thinking on a Wednesday

The other day I received a box of roving from Ohio Valley Natural Fibers. I had pulled all of my moorit/brown based wool and some mioget colored, and decided to have it done into roving. I think a natural based roving in shades of brown would be really nice to have on a yearly basis. Because I am new to all of this roving, fiber, and yarn, I need to make a few decisions/calls on this idea.

I have 2 very solid, single coated moorit wethers of which I need to coat because I can foresee too much "extra" vegetation in their fleece. The roving I got back had some little pieces of vegetation but I think it could/should be cleaner. I have a nice, intermediate moorit ewe and then 2 mioget sheep. Would you blend the moorit and mioget or keep them separate?

I am excited to get my first true white fleeces this coming spring from Danby & Chelesa, the Romneys and Essex, my white Cotswold. Danby still likes to give me a bit of lip about the whole wethering issue but I still steal a hug on him;)

This 3 1/2 week transition time from Halloween 'till Thanksgiving creates too many anxiety issues for me.......trying to get everything ready before the first flakes start flying, preparing the barns for winter, cleaning up in the garden, wondering how bad the winter will get, am I making the right decisions on breeding, what can I make for Christmas to help with costs, ...........sigh, I will try to think about Thanksgiving break coming up and all the craft ideas and supplies I have piled high to do this winter and read all those books and magazines sitting on my table!!
So what are your pre-winter anxiety issues?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Come Here My Little Pretties

Come here my little pretties..........

..............I'd like to give you a little treat........., you don't have to do a trick like squeezing your face through the fence!

The Good Witch of the East just wants to spread a little Halloween cheer!
(Yes, those are my legs in those hysterical tights and yes I did wear them to school on Friday.....always have to be one up on junior high kids;)

Sending out my favorite month of the year with a little cheer!