Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Lil' Poop

Breeding animals often brings surprises, disappointments, sometimes the "what the heck?", and of course the stress. I am a small hobby farmer, I am not some big time sheep breeder looking to create the "perfect" model of a sheep. I am also a teacher and therefore I am always looking to bring out a student's strength, looking for the qualities that makes him or her unique, something that they can share to help/benefit others, and for them to be proud of what who they are. I carry this belief right on too the farm.

My sheep do not have number, they have names. I look for all the postives that my sheep bring to the farm. I do not have a strong rationale on culling any sheep or goats at my place. They are part of my little farm family plain and simple. I greet each of them every morning and every morning, my Lil' Poop comes a running, usually the loudest, for his grain. This is my Lil' Poop.............

.........he is the smallest Shetland I have. Busting out at almost 40 lbs on a good day, smooth poll as one can get, as single coated as single coated gets, he is the most loveable little guy and cracks me up with his silly antics. He is of course, a wether and I would never, ever give him up because he has so much to offer and teach people about the "little things" in life that matter.......being hugged daily, knowing that size doesn't matter when it comes to love, and giving a good head butt to anyone who gets in the way of his food ( that would be Dixie) and knowing when to show off cool things like....................

.......his very crimpy fleece!!!!

Now seriously, how awesome is this crimp? I am not a devoted single coated sheep person as I hate the way it collects every piece of debris but I just can't help loving the way it crimps! So while my Lil' Poop maybe little, I think his fleece packs a pretty big punch and I am so happy to have him and call him my own;)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Of the Boogieman & A New Shetland Friend

Inside this chicken coop is a scary situation.

Last week the girls had 2 zero egg days!! Now this is totally unacceptable in that this is the start of good baking season weather.

Of course, they try to pacify me with days of 3 or 4 eggs; HOWEVER, when their are 18 chickens in that coop, this pacification is not scoring any points with me. So, since Halloween is coming up here in about 2 weeks, I have resorted to threats. If egg production does not increase within the next 2 weeks.......................

.............the BOOGIEMAN is gonna come a knockin' in the chicken coop!!!!!

On a lighter note, Harvest Thyme had some wonderful visitors this weekend! Karen and the Professor came all the way from New York to pick up their Shetland Sheep! They bought 3 ewes and 3 wethers to start a fiber flock of Shetlands! They picked up 3 this weekend and will be coming back next weekend for the rest but I am going to try and sneak in a goat for them too:) My sheep could not have gotten a better home than Karen's place! Please take a moment to click on the link to see the beautiful surroundings that my 6 sheep now call home and if you have a chance, welcome Karen to the wonderful world of Shetland sheep!
Karen, you are a blessing and a new friend! Thank you so much!