Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Garden Show

Its been a long week for me so I thought I would do a "pick-me-up blog to make me smile and when I was done writing the blog post I smiled.  Then I hit publish post and I could not figure out why my sales blog background showed up?????  What the @#*$?  See its been a long week for me. 

Could you PLEASE click on the link to see my Fall Garden Show that I posted on my Sales Blog???
It would make me smile because sometimes I am slow like that!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Art in the Garden

This past weekend I attended two Fall Craft shows.  I got more ideas than actually puchasing stuff for once.  The one show carried the theme of "Art in the Garden".  So these are 2 attempts by me at art in the garden.

Attempt #1:  I took this old chimenia neck (part of a whole chimenia that was used by an escaped horned Shetland ram as a "toy" to be knocked over).  I refused to throw it out because I paid too much money for it so now it is art in my garden!

Attempt #2:  A pie pumpkin as art on this bench.....pathetic art effort on my part it looked cute just sitting there:)

Now seriously, I need to start thinking about all these sheep I have.  I need to get my numbers way down before winter and I have too let go of at least 10 of them right off the top.  Essex pictured above is a 2 yr old white Cotswold that I am "thinking" of breeding to TJ, my Black Cotswold ram this Fall but only if I trim these numbers down.  I have got to get updated pics this weekend, post them, make sale ads to put at the feed stores.....why does September and October get so crazy so fast?  I think I already need to use a sick day.....cough, cough...............I have a headache............I am feeling dog ate my homework..............  ;)