Monday, August 30, 2010

Excuse Me but Where is Fall????

To sum it up in simple terms, "I am fried. Done. I am so done with the heat. Check. Time to move on to Autumn."  The weatherman said our area has had over 15 days of 90 plus temps and we are looking to add 3 or 4 more this week. I don't think so but though I don't think so is not going to really help. I am so annoyed with the heat that I do not even want to water my hanging baskets anymore!! Today my classroom reached well over 100 was 92 outside.  I am on the 2nd floor.  My colleagues in the penthouse above me, where all the 1st through 6 graders are, I know were baking even more than me.  Once again, who was the brain child to start this back to school movement before Labor Day????? And though it is suppose to be 70 ish on Friday, the building will just retain the heat right into the following week. Yes, I am complaining and its only the 3rd day of school.  So, in order to help minimize my personal issues with the heat, I decided to go look for hints of Autumn in the garden.

Since I was feeling hot and miserable, I thought the scarecrow needed a new Fall look and then he could bake in the heat too.  See, he is smiling about his new look:)

My first year with Broomcorn  was successful!  At least that was successful, I thanked the cauliflower for absolutely NOTHING, waste of space, worthless plants! They don't even deserve a picture cuz they are now in the manure pile. Nothing but a bunch of haters, the tomatoes should also rank among the haters in the garden too!!!!

The gourds, however, have been talking alot of vine smack in the garden probably because I threatened to boycott their sorry selves last year after lack of production.  There are lots of vines running all over the garden.................

...........I found these huge gourds amongst the vines and grass!

And I planted these "Turtle gourds" I found at a nursery and I have lots of these growing. The gourd is marked like that of turtles shell....quite cool if I do say so myself!
I love a good garden flag and I got this new one a couple of weeks ago!
Spirit: " What's up with the heat?  Has the weatherman not noticed the wool is getting a little thick out here and the pasture dried up a long time ago? Where is the sheep weather?????"

I completely agree with you Spirit!!!!
What do you think about moving to Vermont?