Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Please Help Me!!!

My name is Danby, I was born in Washington, Vermont,  and I use to reside with a very nice lady and her family until 2 weeks ago.  Then this crazy woman came to Vermont.

I heard her bubbling about how beautiful it is in Vermont and how she wants so very much to live here and how excited she is to be getting Romney lambs........hey, wait a minute thats me!!!!!  Before I know it, my sister and I are plucked out of this beautiful green, lush grass with gorgeous views of the Green Mountains and
(photo courtsey of Vermont Grand View Farm)
then we are packed like sardines in these crates in the back of something moving vehicle. And before my sister and I know it, the doors close, the nice lady is hugging this new lady good-bye and the nice lady waves good-bye to us and we are soon driving off the mountain.  This new lady drives us some 12 hrs away from home, singing to some song by this Enrique guy and she is talking to us about gosh only knows what.  We finally get to this new place called "home" and my sister and I now have like 30 new friends (I am not counting those goats cuz they keep pushing us when we eat!) and we are just so tired and we don't see any mountains.  Then the next day, she pokes us with a needle "for our own good" she tells us.  Then today she like grabs me, puts me back in one of those crate things along with this ridiculous pink halter thing on my face, drives to a place called a "vet", puts me on a scale and is suprised that I way 79 lbs and I am only 5 months old (hello...did she see all that grass I had to eat???) and then she leaves me in this cage thing and all this barking is going on and before I know it I am having pretty dreams of Vermont again................

.................and then I think I hear the crazy woman again but things are a little foggy, and I am having a hard time standing, I feel a bit wobbly and she sounds far away but she is like right in my face telling me how much she loves me and I am thinking she is crazy and when a finally stand up there is something very important missing between my back legs!!!!!!!  OMG, what has this crazy woman done now?????????
She loads me back up in the crate, takes me back to her crazy house, puts me back in with all my new friends and I am so happy to see my sister there still but she is looking at me like, "What the hell happened to you?" but I am so tired that all I want to do is sleep...........but I keep thinking that this lady is crazy and someone needs to help her, perhaps you can???  I would so appreciate some advice on how to deal with this kind of woman and to make it worse, she keeps touching my wool and saying how beautiful it is! Do you think she is one of those "weirdos"?  I hope not!!  I am so concerned about my missing parts.....where do you think they went?  Please send me any advice or help that you can!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Childhood Dog

The other day my sister Jen did a wonderful post on her daughter's childhood dog Sherman.  It got me thinking about our childhood dog.  Now our dog did not come easy.  My Dad was not a big fan at that time of having a dog.  We tried a cat, but that cat was not really nice. I remember sitting around the dinner table one evening and Jen and I were really, really working the dog thing.  There are 7 years between her and I and we often did not agree with each other but we both agreed we really wanted a dog.  I think Jen was around second grade at the time.  Of course we promised to take care of the puppy and do everything......everything we said!!! So finally Dad agreed BUT he was going to pick the kind of puppy we were going to get and his choice was a collie, a Lassie dog.  I can't remember how much the puppy cost, maybe 50 or 75 dollars.  But the collie puppy we picked was the one with yellow paint on him and the one my sister dropped on his head while she was holding him......yes you did Jen!!!

The name we all agreed on was "Titan" and Titan soon became a very close part of the family.  He was truly the best family dog.  He was not really fond of car rides or the constant brushing a collie needs or trimming the mats from behind his ears but he sure could keep a secret!  And Titan knew lots of secrets about Jen and I esp. Jen who use to sneak out of the house at night ( I was the good daughter;) But he never told on us as long as we gave him extra treats.  Jen and I laugh today about how he grew up on Kibbles-n-Bits. 

Titan became a mentor for my first dog, a black Newfoundland name Brutus. For awhile, Titan and Brutus lived together at Mom and Dad's and they become good friends. When I got married and moved to my new house it was very hard not to have Titan with me even though I had my own dog.  When you grow up with a dog you don't think of how they weave their way into your heart.  Its not until years later, when they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and your life has moved on, that you realize how your relationship with your dog, actually had an impact on who you are today. 

Titan lived to be more than 16 years old.  He was every bit and more part of Jen's and my childhood.
How blessed we were to have a childhood dog to love and be loved by.