Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vermont comes to Ohio

After browsing around in Bennington, an innocent trip to Bennington Pottery (innocent because I only bought 3 thing:), and a leisurely drive up historical route 7A, a missed exit, a phone call to Kim at Grandview Farms, I arrived around 3:00 to her beautiful home in the heart of the Green Mountains.

I was just awed at the beautiful surroundings.................

............and I was greeted by a group of very inquisitive Romneys!  I think they were talking about me!  Gosh, they are so awesome!

I am jealous of the view Kim's sheep have!  I was amazed that the furthest mountain range the eye can see from here is Killington which is an hour drive!  I could just sit there and absorb the surroundings for hours.  I had a wonderful stay and the Goodling Family were great hosts!  After a well needed nights sleep, I headed out at 7 am with my new Romneys.  They were very opinionated when I stopped for gas, causing many looks at my mini-van and they only startled one tollbooth attendant in NY.  But when I arrived back in Ohio at 7 in the evening and I opened up the van, boy did they create a baaing ruckus, getting all the other sheep  up in a baa!

I have them in a stall for the first day but tomorrow its suppose to be 87 and on Saturday 90 (again) so I will let me out because it will be way too hot in the stall even though it has a dutchdoor in it.

What a beautiful profile!  I am such a proud new owner!  I wanted to get a fleece shot but they were not really willing to let me get a perfect pic...............

.......................but I think this gives a good idea of how beautiful the Romney wool is!  So, my last summer hooray has come to an end and tomorrow I have to report to school because I am the department chair for Social Studies:(
I better go check those Vermont lotto tickets I bought!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer's Last Hoorah!

I have to report to school this Friday.......depression, anxiety, stress overload, so many things NOT done this summer.  In order to "ignore" these emotions that wreck havoc on my mind and body, I planned my little trip to Vermont to pick up the Romneys this week.  After a grueling ride across NY on 90.....the most boring ride of flat roads and trees that the mind can imagine, I arrived in Bennington Vermont after about 9 hrs and 2 potty breaks. 

There was a heavy fog starting to cover the beautiful Green Mountains as I arrived as the humidity was quite high.  I found my hotel in Bennington, checked in, and then went up to the downtown area before it started to rain.

Bennington is a nice little place with lots of history.  Tomorrow I am going to Bennington Pottery, then to the Battle of Bennington Monument, and hopefully the Robert Frost Stone House before I head up to Grandview Farm to stay the night and get my new babies.

I found some Moose tracks in downtown Bennington ..........

.........and more Moose's.  These moose statues can be tracked in various places throughout Vermont and I believe Maine.  If you biggify the pic you can see all the details that represent New England lifestyles.  It started to rain so my little walk was cut short but.......... one of the real estate office windows I found this house for sale in Vermont.  The price tag is "alittle" out of my price range so I bought some Vermont Power Ball tickets.  Hey, maybe I won't even have to go back to school and I can pack my sheep and goats up and move up here;)

PS...I would like to thank blogger Melanie for her driving advice because the GPS said to go 87 North and she told me NOT to go 87 North unless I wanted to sit in traffic! Thank You Melaine!!