Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Garden Tantrum

I spend much of my summer tending and playing in my garden-in-progress.  This does not mean, however, that everything goes or grows according to plan (like my cauliflower) or how it looked in the magazine.  Sometimes the vision is much simpler than the actual implementation.  And hence, the owner of the idea, me, case in point, finds herself in a bind.  And that bind often, very rarely I mean, causes a bad, mild, temper tantrum.  

I had this idea from last year to build a terrace in the garden so I could have a sitting area in the garden.  This would be a place where there would be some shade, I could plant a pretty climbing clematis, and have a nice view of the garden, maybe even put a few solar lights to make it look nice even in the evening.  So last weekend I started to build my. self.  Now I only have 2 hands; I am 4'10, I can use various power tools quite well BUT IT JUST WAS NOT GOING ACCORDING TO MY PLANS!!!  It was warm, I was frustrated, and the damn phone rings. REALLY??  And of course its my Mom and so I pitched a temper tantrum on the phone (without throwing the phone of course, Blackberries are too expensive to throw) and then my Daddy came over an hour later to help me:)  See he was concerned I might hurt myself some how like dropping a 2x4 on my head.  Now my Daddy and I worked very well together to get it all put up but he was concerned that I had not placed the posts perfectly square.......well what the heck, geometry was the only class in high school that I got a "D" in and I teach History now, a few inches ain't gonna kill me. 

This is one of the views from the terrace.........I am loving that huge birdhouse gourd growing.  Now speaking of gourds..............

So, I bought a few too many gourds at the garden center and didn't know where to put them.  There was this empty space between the chicken coop and the fence so I planted them there not expecting them to do too much.........WRONG!  Its like vines gone wild.

They are growing up the front and back of the chicken coop.  There are little swan and turtle gourds all over the vines so I am hoping they will be good by mid-September.  Last year my gourds did nothing and this year they are traveling everywhere! Its like the vines are having a temper tantrum!!!!

"Psst, hey Fletch, I have a secret to tell you."
Fletch, " What's the secret?"
"Its hot outside."
"No crap Sherlock, try wearing this wool coat you silly goat!"

Monday, August 9, 2010

"Your too Loose."

"But I can't get it tighter......." I said holding the chopsticks, I mean needles in my hands with a ball of yarn all over the place.
"Yes you can, it comes with practice but it must be tighter," the teacher lady said.
"But if its tighter I can't get the chopsticks, I mean needles, to get in that little flippin hole!!!" I thought to myself. 
Looking over my shoulder, she asked, "Are you knitting or purling now?"
"Hell, if I know!" I thought but instead said, "I am knitting now, right?"
"Excellent!  See your getting it," she announced with a pat on my shoulder.

So that was my first knitting class!  I had the biggest headache by the end of 2 hours from concentrating so hard and look at how hard I worked in the above picture!! Okay,  well I have 2 samples that size but still it was a lot of work! 
I finally signed up to take a knitting class.......actually at JoAnn Fabrics.  I know, I have sheep, bags of wool and roving, Cotswold yarn coming at the end of January and I do not know how to knit.  But after my first class, I am on my way to being a knitting crazy woman! I am signing up for more classes and actually, the teacher was quite nice and patient and there was only me and another lady in the class so I got lots of attention;)  Now the whole problem with knitting, is forcing myself to just sit down and knit.  I know its something I will enjoy, its just finding the time................
So, the teacher said I have to come with my first "project" in mind for the next class in September........................I have the perfect project!

No problem........okay maybe its a bit ambitious;)

How about this merino hand-knit sweater?  Don't you just love those pom-poms?
Okay, I know just start with a simple scarf.
Its gonna be a loose scarf, not a tight one.
I hate tight things.
I like it loose.
Ex-husband said I was............ opps, too much information. 
Mom or Dad might be reading.
Now what color should my loose scarf be????