Friday, August 6, 2010

Farm Animals I Don't Have......

On Thursday my Dad and I were the official babysitters for my niece and nephew.  So I thought well, lets go down to Amish Country.  I needed grain and wanted to pick up some misc. food stuff and then we could take the kids for ice cream.  I remembered that Hershberger's had a new barn and a petting area for farm animals, not that I don't have farm animals, but I knew the kids would have fun............

..............and yep, they sure had fun!!!  We were all quite impressed by this big guy!!!!

Big Ben was quite a hit at 2850 lbs and standing 19.3 hands!!!!  Bobby was amazed at how big his feet were!  We all agreed that Ben would not fit in any of my barns!

And I don't have any donkeys though the kids thought I should get one........NO!!!

But I would really love to have one of this little Jerseys!!  When I win the lottery and move to Vermont, I am going to have a little herd of miniature Jersey cows!!

I do have some of these sheepies but these guys were too cute to resist a picture of;)

Now I do have some goats but my goats do not climb to the roof of the barn!!!  Yep, there are goats on the roof!  There is a set of steps that leads right to the roof and the goats just seem to love being up there on the metal roof!  That pulley strap to the right in the picture goes to the roof. People can  buy a cone filled with grain and there is a slot to put it in and then you crank the pulley and send it right up to the goats.......too funny!


The kids had a great time and my Dad and I needed a nap by the end of the trip!! (that guy in the pic is NOT my Dad btw LOL). 
Now about those miniature Jersey cows.................

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Harvest Thyme Sales Blog Update

Just wanted to give a quick update........I have updated my sales blog!!
I know its only been over a year.........I never said I was good on paper work stuff;)

I made 3 enteries for today labeled Smooth Polled Rams, Shetland Ewes, and Shetland Wethers.  Please take a look at all of the animals for sale.  I will be adding more within the week.  Just click on the picture to the right labeled sales blog and off you go;)

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out yesterday's Buzzing B words!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Buzzing B Words

One of the things I did with all my dirt I had delivered was make to new raised beds.  The one on the left I planted beans in and the other one will be for onions in Sept/Oct.

On Sunday the Blimp went right over the farm!  Occasionally, the Goodyear Blimp goes over as the farm is in the fly route for where the hanger is located in Akron.  One day I will get a video of the animals when the Blimp goes over as it is quite comical.  Its really cool listening to the sound as it flies over! I think this MetLife one was going to the PGA tour.

This fleece is on one of the kat wethers and I am pleased with the way it looks! I think it should really be nice come shearing.  This pic was taken at about the first rib. I am mulling over if I should coat him????

B*T#H.........I mean BUTT HEAD

Do you see this butt????  Do you see that mini rubbing her butt on my fence line?? You should have seen my foot kick her butt today ( not really, but I really wanted to!!)  See, Miss Speedy aka Miss B. , figured out how to unlock the gate yesterday.  I happened to see her do this yesterday but not today.  So I am cutting the front lawn and I see her and her side kick Monique come running from the backyard to the front yard!!!  And when I yelled at her, she took off running through my neighbor's yard, around his pond, visiting the other neighbor's horses......I would have taken a picture of her but I probably would have thrown the camera at her!!  Oh, she is such a pistol!!!  However, she does love that grain........sucker!!


Miss Speedy is lucky that my niece Gracie likes her and lets her be her buddy when Gracie comes to visit!!!


One of the best times to be in the garden is in the evening.  I love the way the sun casts shadows and shades the different parts of the garden!  Besides its much cooler than this  pathetic summer heat during the day!!