Thursday, July 15, 2010

Me and Johnny

A few posts back I mentioned that my POA (Pony of America) was going to spend the summer over in my neighbor's pasture.  Johnny Reb has been enjoying himself and has been putting on some good weight which he needed. Last night I actually took my first official ride with him all saddled up and me with a crash helmet.  Johnny has been doing very well and I am getting much better on my reining which Johnny is pleased with as I send too many mixed signals, hence a few contacts with tree branches:) 

My neighbor, however, has gotten bit by the horse bug and has acquired 2 new horses!  Johnny is quite pleased with his new friends .

This is Gracie Lou.  She is a 6 yr old Palomino, Paso Fino cross.  She is quite a character and loves attention.  My neighbor also got a 15 yr gelded Paso Fino named Tango who was being camera shy.   There is going to be a lot of riding this summer which I am excited about.  Of course, this horse riding stuff does get expensive!!!  I am becoming quite a frequent buyer at the local tack shop.....good grief, I can't go riding looking like I don't know what I am doing!!  All my tack is centered around the color purple as it is universal for Johnny and the minis':)

Tuesday morning I was up early and to my surprise there was quite the fog cover!  I snapped this picture about 6:45 am and within 45 minutes the fog had lifted and I swear the temperature jumped 20 degrees! 
This is turning out to be one of the warmest summers I can remember in years.  Next week the temps are all projected to be above 85 degrees and hitting 90's by the end of the week.  I am thinking that stocking the barn with hay could be quite sticky..........

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Darn Horns!!

One of top reasons I wanted to go to polled genetics with the Shetlands is the horns.  Hands down, they are beautiful to look at when they grow right and they do not come in contact with your leg or when they are not being used to destroy a fence post or just the fence for that matter.  But when they grow wrong, the decisions have to be made.   Such is the case with Barnet, a yearling Shetland ram.
Barnet's horn just did not make the turn.  No, it decided that growing straight into his cheek, just below the eye would be best.  I had hopes for him because I really like his markings, he is Ag, his dam, Windswept Betsy, is a nice ewe but getting up there in age, so I hoped to get a nice ram from her.   He is a smaller boy, coming in at 50# but his tail is good and his back legs are nice and straight BUT NOT THE HORNS!!!!  I feel bad because I knew this was coming and I waited too long as I should of done this in cooler weather but since the weather has basically been warm to HOT the past month and more, I could not wait any longer. To wether him and trim and band the horn was going to run about $80-90 and I was right.   The vet trimmed  about an inch and a half off of that horn.  So this week he is a tad "under the weather".

Barnet's other horn is just fine as it is making the turn away from his face and with having been wethered, the horn growth will cease up.  Obviously he is not lacking any food however!  TJ, my Blk. Cotswold ram, is probably telling Barnet, "Sucks to be you right now."
On the plus side, this is Barnet's fleece.  For a ramling, I think it has a nice crimp and luster to it and now that he is a wether, I am hoping it will even get nicer.  However, I still hate those dam darn horns!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Let the Bidding Begin!!!

Three years ago on a trip down to Amish Country my parents and I stumbled upon a benefit auction for the Amish schools.  Since none of us had been to one, we decide to stop and check it out.  We did not buy anything but just enjoyed taking in the atmosphere.  The next year we went back, I got 2 benches and a window house.  This past Saturday was the benefit auction so off we went............

We got down there around 9:30.  Lots of Amish buggies and cars ( I figured we all have seen lots of cars so I did not post a picture LOL)

The horses were enjoying a bit of shade and I am sure wishing the flies would go elsewhere.  We signed in to get a number and then parted ways.  Mom and Dad went looking at furniture and me off to the other "stuff".   When my parents caught up with me a half hour later I was well on my way to having fun.  I was on a birdhouse mission...........

Let's see.........I got an unfinished blue bird house for $3.00; the bat house for $7.50, the cedar wren house for $7.00; and the log cabin style wren house for $7.00 also.  The cedar bench was my last purchase for $10.00.  And looking at this picture I forgot another feeder I bought.........

I really wanted a decorative outhouse for the garden and I told myself I would bid up to $50 for it but it went for $75.00 so I will wait till next year.  However, I thought this cat/dog house with the slate roof was too fun.  I got this for $20.  Darn thing is heavy with that slate roof!  I was NOT going to bid on another window house.......but......I just happened to be standing right there when the bidding started on it........and someone just shoved my arm up with my number.....and it just happened........and I could not stop........because then I thought I REALLY need another one........................ now I have 2 of these and this one I got for $35.00!  Last year I paid $40.00 for my other one.........see, I even got a deal!!!  I just love these things.......too fun for the garden!

So, I am pleased with  my purchases though I bet I would have bought that outhouse if my Dad wasn't standing next too me giving me a dirty look............he puts too much pressure on me.....the money was going to school children......and I am a I have too wait till next year!!