Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Say No to Cuteness!

...........but I already said. "YES"! I mean seriously, isn't he just the cutest lamb? And they are both from my most favorite state to visit....Vermont! Doesn't he look like he is smiling? His sister is just a little camera shy in this picture but I know she is just as adorable. I can't wait to bring them home! The first week of August has been tentatively scheduled as their pick up date but I might be tempted to go earlier;)

photo compliments of Kim at

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today's Pickins'

Its amazing how long it takes to get caught up on home life when one is away for a week! I got home from Mount Vernon on Saturday around 6 in the evening. My Mom and Dad were already there and had fed the animals but of course I had to check on each and everyone of them. Of course, they were eating so they paid me no only goes so far at feeding time.

By Monday things got back into the swing of things along with temps in the 90's. On Tuesday my neighbor and I decided to go blueberry picking around 9 in the morning.

There were plenty of rows for picking. I tried to find some shade and a breeze amongst the bushes but to no was already in the upper 80's!! But I picked and I picked...........

..........and while this may not look like ALOT, it is 12 lbs of blueberries!!!! Yesterday I cleaned them up and then froze 16, one cup servings ( I do love blueberry muffins:). I packed up some for my Mom.

This morning I made blueberry jam which came out to be 12- 8 oz. jars. My kitchen smelled quite berry good:)

On a garden note for picking, these are my favorite blooming flowers in the garden right now!

This sunflower was a volunteer inside of the window house and it is just busting out....... I think this is the earliest I have ever had a sunflower bloom!

My coneflowers are doing quite well this year..........I am not sure if this is a miniature butterfly or some type of moth on this flower.

And today's last pickins' is this photo of the gristmill at Mount Vernon. I took SO MANY pictures and I am slowly looking through them and reflecting on what a wonderful experience I had there. Of course, it is always nice to come home:)