Saturday, June 19, 2010

On BFF's

I have this BFF named Jen.......actually she is my sister, who is also the Mother to my wonderful niece and nephew. Now I can not lie and say Jen is a sheep and goat person (she did not get that DNA).........that would be a really big lie. BUT she is a huge BIG DOG person and a great vet tech ( she works at one of those "suburban" clinics that only does dogs and cats, no large animals:).

Now I will take credit and say that her love for Newfies stems from me. My first Newfie came into my life back in 1990. Anyways, I could go on and on about my love and Jen's love for Newfies and our many stories about the Newfies in our lives, past and present, but that could be a really, really long post. Jen has 2 big brown Newfies, both are show dogs and she recently started blogging too. She has some really good dog links on her blog also. Today she posted some beautiful pictures of the dogs with her daughter.

Gracie is maybe 40lbs I think and Leroy is pushing a good 135 lbs. Newfies are such wonderful dogs......they truly are BFFs:)
If you get a chance, please stop by and see the pictures and say "Hi!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Very Special 48

On June 16th, 1962, 48 years ago, my parents were married at Blessed Sacrament Church.

My Mom started dating my Dad when she was 14 years old and my Dad was 16. I believe in this picture my Mom is 16 yrs old. If I do say so myself, they make a great couple and they are still very much in love today. My sister Jen and I are blessed to have them as our parents. We love them very much and are so proud of them, though they could have spoiled us a little more:)
Happy 48th Wedding Anniversary
Mom & Dad!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Name is Mud

To say that there has been a bit too much rain in Northeast Ohio might be a SMALL understatement. Rain has become a tad annoying. For example.............

........some areas in the garden have sink-holes. I was pulling out some of the many weeds that are growing like crazy (unlike my tomato plants which are swimming) and my feet sunken into the ground. My poor zucchini plant could be the next victim. Now the only advantage to this mud on my feet is that my feet, legs, and arms are covered in poison ivy and it feels good and takes the itch away. Poison ivy one might ask? Well at the age of 42 I was weed wacking "stuff" and that "stuff" sprayed back all over me and since I did not rinse off right away.......well, the rest is itchy history.

I forgot to buy beans this year but I found a packet of bean seeds from last year in the barn so I just thought I'd give them a try. Bless their little bean hearts! They just seeded their little selves in all the rain and mud!! I really hate wearing shoes in the summer and prefer to barefoot it most of the time around the yard and barn; hence some of my "personal issues" that I take on.

ReRun: "Don't even say my name is Mud because I am the good beagle unlike that other one you have. But hey, you really should do something about all of these weeds."