Friday, May 14, 2010

D.C. & A Little Secret

I think my mind and body are finally winding down from this week. If I get through this post without falling asleep I will be in good shape. I was up at 3:30 am on Tuesday, at school by 5:45 am and departed school by 6:30 am with 50 students ( 2 fellow teachers at 2 other schools also went). We arrived in D.C. by 2:00 and it was just non-stop till I got home on Thursday night at 10:00 pm. Lots of fun, lots of good pics, and some very exciting events for us which I will share sometime next week.

On Wednesday we stopped by all the big Memorials. The Jefferson is my favorite Memorial.

Tuesday we had our group photo in front of the Capital. Unfortunately it was raining on and off all day so we did all the Smithsonian museums.

The students are always impressed by the massiveness of the Lincoln Memorial. My students feel the need to get down to my size when we take pictures. These 2 are my "Princess Sisters" as I call them ( they actually are BFF). They kindly pointed out that if I colored my hair I might look more like their sister too instead of their old teacher. I then asked them to remind me why I took them on this trip and how they were planning on getting back to Cleveland.
So, remember I mentioned I got that Blackberry? Great little thing to have on long bus rides btw. So I have been working on a "little secret" for the past few months (I was on a waiting list) and while I was in D.C. the little secret all came together and I was so glad to have that bad, bad Blackberry with me.

Isn't she a little cutie?
I have been itching to add another white sheep ( I only have 1 !) to my already too many sheep but I wanted to add a different and new woolie. So last Fall I decided on a Romney and the search was on to find a breeder. Kim Goodling at Vermont Grandview Farm (her link is on my bloglist) put me on her waiting list and the rest is history:)

This is her brother who will also be joining Harvest Thyme as a wether. Truly wethers have the best wool and of course one knows a new sheep breed in an established flock should not be alone! Don't you just want to reach out and hug these 2? I am so excited! They will be coming here in mid-July. Wait 'till I tell my Dad about our upcoming road trip LOL.
I really need to stop getting myself in trouble, but they sure are cute............