Monday, April 26, 2010

I Am a Countryista!

Today was my groundbreaking mark as a "Countryista". How and why one might ask? Well, it started with the rain this morning. Now I enjoy nice spring rain except on a Monday morning during feeding. Feeding hay in the rain just kinda gives that sticky feeling to one's body and does wonders for the hair; not that I am a hair fanatic because if it can't be french braided, put in a ponytail, or up in a clip, its just not worth my time. Anyways, so in my rush to get to school on time, I slipped on my new John Deere green rain hoodie and my new, very cool, garden/rain boots because it was pouring rain at 7:00 am.

However, when I got to school, I realized I had forgotten shoes to change into. So, I had to sport my new boots which were drawing lots of attention from my inner-city students. Surprisingly, many of them liked the green boots and they told me, only a crazy country person like me would wear those. Even a few fellow teachers said "Only you could wear those and pull it off." Then that's when it hit me........ I am a "Countryista". I don't need that high fashion junk from New York or Paris. TSC is my fashion hot spot......lucky for me my students have no clue what TSC is. Wait 'till I go back and get the pink ones with the horses on them.

I thought I would share a few more images of what makes up a "true Countryista". Beautiful spring flowers in bloom on my 4 country acres.

Newly shrone sheep grazing on fresh green grass is definitely a "countryista" statement.

Country chickens searching for the perfect worm after a spring rain is the highlight of a "Countryista" lifestyle.

Why be a fashionista when one can be a countryista?
After all, country folks have so much more fun;)