Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Went There. I Am Going There.


I was determined not to go there. I was not going to become "one of them". I walked into the store with just wanting to update the basic to the newer basic cellphone. I had the basic in my hand. Then I faltered. It was shameful on my part I know it. I hang my head in shame. My animals just look at me and shake their heads because they see the shame in my eyes. Then they start baaing at me because they have not been fed in the past hour. See thats why I had to go there. I needed to feel the power and the status among those 4 legged baaers that create havoc in my life and make me feel less than human. Now I can stand right in their little circle while they munch on their hay and check my email, google, and even do other things but I don't know what they are because I have not gotten that far in the manual.

See I got a Blackberry. I know its not the Droid, I can't be that cool right away, but I now have a better phone than all of my students and I am cool in the barn too. Now I just have to remember not to leave it in the barn and forget where I put it because I know that those baaers are waiting for such an opportunity to mock my new found status;)
Now about Going There.....

Every summer I apply for a Teaching American History seminar. I often get accepted to one of the local universities. This year I decided to apply for a summer seminar out of state. Its a pretty prestigious institution for teaching American history and the application process is quite involved but I thought I will never know until I try. So I tried. I applied. And I got accepted. I applied for 2 places: Mount Vernon, George Washington's home or Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home. I was 1 of 28 people picked for the Mount Vernon seminar. I am a tad excited to be spending a week studying Washington and the American Revolution at Mount Vernon. I have been there twice with my students but I have only really seen a small portion of it.

It is a beautiful place just loaded with history......................

..............there is the famous 16 sided barn............

........then there is the Greenhouse and the gardens that I will get to explore........

..........and best of all Mount Vernon has a collection of Heritage Livestock! I am sure they do not sell any of the stock, but just in case I should probably take an animal crate. Just kidding Mom;)
So I will be spending a whole week at the home of America's First President. Living, breathing, and studying Colonial America. Reconnecting with America's past. An absolute perfect way to start my summer off.
And I will have a Blackberry to send messages/pics back to my baaers;)
Life doesn't get much better than this!