Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What A Sucker!

This past weekend I made my Easter candy to share with my family, favorite teachers, and my egg buying neighbors. I get my milk chocolate down in Amish Country at one of the bulk stores. One of my very favorite candy molds is my sheep suckers!

Isn't that the darn cutest sucker? I love my sheep suckers! They use a lot of chocolate but everyone loves them and they are so easy too make.

"Psst, hey Autumn, good thing she was talking about some chocolate suckers because the sheep all know that the only real suckers around here are those goats. They fall for that grain thing all the time."

"Grain? Did someone say grain? If those sheep are playing with us again, I am going to yank out some of that wool again!"
Hope everyone is enjoying this well-deserved beautiful weather! Its a great way to start Spring Break on Friday!!! So much to do!