Thursday, March 4, 2010

"S" stands for........

Well, I wouldn't call it a heat wave but after having been buried the last couple of weeks in record snow fall, I will call seeing the blue sky and sun for 2 days a step in the right direction when it comes to temperatures.
It is so nice to walk into the barn and feel the warmth inside inside of seeing my breath and frost covered walls. Unfortunately I do see lots of "stuff" to be cleaned up.
I go from shoveling snow to pitchforking "stuff".

It is, of course, refreshing to know that I have the best helpers on the farm to make sure I am not pitching out anything important. I just don't lavish them with kisses when they help me.....a nice dental doggy biscuit will be a better thank you gesture:)

Everyone is also enjoying eating outside in the sun. I am thinking that under some of that wool on last year's spring lambs I may find some little piggies.

And for those who are just six days old and do not know what blue sky and sun are, basking under a heat lamp is absolutely wonderful.

Originally, I thought that the little LaMancha buck, pictured on the left, was solid black. But after a day or so, I realized he is a dark chocolate color like his mom Patty. The doe is black with the tan marks.......and very, very cute btw:) Regardless of the color, they are both doing well; jumping around the stall like silly kids; and nibbling on hay already.
Perhaps they are thinking spring has already sprung;)