Sunday, February 14, 2010

Goat Vet. 101

Just when I think I am getting a better understanding of farm animals, a little wrench has to be thrown into the game plan to keep in on my toes. On Friday morning when I went to the big barn to do chores, I noticed that Daisy, my white/black doeling LaMancha had what appeared to be vomit all over her face. Well, I was 99.5% sure that goats did not vomit but maybe I was mistaken. I checked her mouth to see if anything was stuck but nothing. As I continued with my chores I watched her. She wanted to eat, but picked at the grain and hay. On several occasions I watched her shake her head and noticed liquid and chewed hay come out of her mouth and she was chewing her cud quite readily. Within the hour, she was obviously not feeling well and more of the same kept spraying out.
I called the vet and of course they told me, "Kristi, you should know that goats don't vomit. How long did you work at the vet. with us?" They reassured me that something was not right and to bring her in at 1:00. I invested a good deal of money in Daisy and I did not hesitate to take her in. My favorite goat & sheep doctor was in so that was good. Daisy's temp was 103, color was good, her rumens sounded good, nothing appeared to be stuck in her what was the issue? As the doctor observed Daisy, she noticed her shaking her head, perhaps an inner ear infection? Gland area was not swollen but.........? So, she gave her an antibiotic shot which included a cortisone and antihistamine in it and she have me a follow up shot for Saturday.
So Friday was a long day worrying about her. A few small incidents of the same and she definitely did not want to eat, though she was trying to nibble on the fresh straw I put down at night.
Then the long night and the anticipation/dread of going to the barn the next morning, fearing the worst. She was there to greet me, though I noticed right away she had another incident as it was all over her face. She was not interested in grain and picked at the hay. I gave her the other shot and a second dose of lixotinic. I called the vet just because and of course they told me, "Kristi, you know you have to give the meds time to work. You should know that, you worked here." So, by late afternoon, she was improving and this morning she was 90 % better and eating well and loving the hot water I bring out for the goats. I still am a tad bit worried as to what happened as I still am watching her closely. She still seems to be a bit off but at least no "vomit" and everything is moving out accordingly.

This is Daisy, second in line. Due to the abundance of snow, the paths get a tad congested with traffic.

This was Daisy tonight, enjoying a fresh bale of hay. She is quite a character. I so hate it when the animals do not feel well:( So, was it an inner ear infection? Something else? As long as she is doing better, I am happy:) I will be much better in a few more days when I see her actingl like herself.

Of course, oblivious to all of my goat drama, are the silly lambs playing in the snow:)
I am so glad I have President's Day off tomorrow........hopefully, it will be stress free.