Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting Loud, Getting Pink!

I don't know about anyone else but I swear that this is the LONGEST WINTER ON RECORD!! Why does it seem that this winter is going on and on and on and its still not February??? By far I have put up with much worse weather prior to the end of January but the rain on Sunday and Monday just put me right over the edge with patience.
There was mud everywhere. It was very unnerving and it just made me feel like I was the worst animal care taker in the world. I will gladly feed in snow instead of the rain anytime.

My goats are NOT fans of the mud. There is just no way their hooves are getting in that mud. Now they may be persuaded by grain but often they stand at the barn doors and scream. Crazy Daisy, my LaMancha doeling is expressing concern about the sea of mud between the big barn and new shelter as she knows I just put hay in there and is trying to debate whether or not its worth the trek through the mud.
Of course the chickens seemed to be enjoying themselves in the mud and actually appeared the least annoyed by it.

I, however was quite loud and "opinionated" about the mud on Monday. Today I am a tad better as it is now going into the frozen tundra stage and Friday's high is to be around 12 degrees. So in hopes of lifting my not-so-nice-and happy mood, I have changed the blogger background to pink.........its fun, its loud, and its PINK!!!!!!
Think pink, think spring!
Something has to be cute and fun as surly its not my mud splattered coveralls and boots!