Monday, December 13, 2010

A Snow Day Off for a Teacher!

So I wore my pajamas inside out last night and prayed for a snow day............

...............and at approximately 5:00am this morning, the scroll came across the news channel that our district was closed!!  How pathetic of me.....a teacher excited to have no school, especially since this is our last week before Christmas Break.  I have no shame, I was quite excited!  Though when I went out to feed at 6:30 am that Lake Erie Wind was a force to be reckoned with.  The gusts were definitely in the 25-30 mph gust range and it was hard to tell how much snow was falling because it was just blowing all over.  I fed extra to keep everyone occupied and put extra bird seed and suet out for the birds.  I am getting a lot of cardinals at the feeders so I had picked up some safflower for them. 

Everyone was content to hang around the barn today...........

........and I am sure Savannah is ready to join her girlfriends again.  She is in with Jed along with Sally Ann and Betsy.  Actually they are all content with each other but this weekend I will put everyone back and keep my fingers acrossed.

Today was like a bonus day for me so I decided to do something crafty.......well at least attempt to.  I pulled out my bags of roving and decided to make some needle felted Christmas ornaments using my collection of cookie cutters.  I am thinking these would be fun to give as little gifts to some of my friends. 

It is always important to be fashionable in the mist of a snow storm and Dixie was sporting the latest in winter wear for dogs today.  I put these sweaters on her in self-defense because when it gets blustery outside she blends into the snow and its hard to see her. 
So all in all it was a good day being home. Shall I be greedy and try for another snow day?


Nancy K. said...

Your felted ornaments are adorable! As is Dixie's sweater. ;-)

So glad you were able to have the day off and put it to such good use!

jen said...

Very crafty sis!!

I love Dixie's sweater!

I hope you are wearing your pj's the right way tonight, because us parents are NOT praying for another snow day:)

Karen said...


I love the picture of Chelsea and Danby. When I had Romneys, I couldn't see their eyes, either. I always wondered how they got around!

Love your felted ornaments!

Keep warm,

Susan said...

Dixie looks stunning in her sweater. I know what you mean, her Momma is difficult to see in the snow as well.

Barb said...

I hope you got totally absorbed in your snow day. They are great, aren't they? Nice pictures of your sheepies, by the way.