Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Refresh the Snow

Snow has been on the ground now for a good 3 weeks now and temps have not moved much above 30 degrees either.  The snow has started to look a bit old and dirty the last few days. Yesterday it snowed for the majority of the day, nothing major but it was quite blustery and the snow was extremely powdery.  It was just enough to "refresh" the existing snow on the ground.

It was perfect for Danby to get a sheepy snow nose......seriously, how much cuter can he get??

The scarf on this snowman got caught up on piece of old plant and made for the perfect snowman pose.

And my winter garden........yes, I am already looking forward to receiving some seed catalogs and thinking ahead to spring.  But for now I have to settle for my stack of magazines and books as I seem to be sprouting couch potato roots this week.  My motivational level for anything this week is quite minimal.
Now about the New Year's Resolution list..................

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