Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas Entertainment

Today I spent time sorting through my new goodies and putting away my mess of wrapping paper, bows, & tags. Of course, this provided ample entertainment for 2 of my cats who really are spending way too much time indoors! 

Alvin was actually the total instigator in this whole thing.  He just knew that something was inside this bag.......

........Moo was just innocently hiding in there until Alvin rained on his parade.  The two of them have this love-hate relationship and being inside toooooo long does bring out the worst in them.

Poor Moo kitty just wanted to have some fun!

So Moo moved on to finding comfort in a piece of just like a bed.

Then he took his frustrations out on some Styrofoam in a large box........honestly he does not have any personal issues.  Well, he does have one little issue.  If you piss him off for some unknown reason, he might bite you.  My sister and niece really dislike him for this reason.  Not that that has happened to them, sort of.........BUT Moo will never be their BFF's.

But other than that he enjoys entertaining himself on cold winter days and its much better if Alvin is not there to annoy him.  So I just let him play........
 and I wait for the temps to warm up a bit cuz 26 degrees and a wind chill reading of 14 does kinda suck for me and the cats. 


Foothills Poultry said...

Cats love those boxes. Put in some wrapping paper and they will play till they passout from exhaustion.


jen said...

I'm glad you finally came clean about Moo!