Sunday, December 5, 2010

On Sheep and Snow

Yesterday was a beautiful skies and bright sun rising in the east reflecting off of the first accumulation of snow thus far this year.  I enjoy feeding on mornings like this, watching the animals munching on their hay, going from pile to pile because obviously someone elses pile is better than their pile.

Everyone was content and even the horses were being polite and sharing the hay.

Danby stopped to give me a photo opportunity as he was sporting his share of the morning hay......maybe saving it for later in the day.

Of course living about 45 minutes south of Lake Erie allows me the experience of the Lake Effect Snow machine.  Today the bands of snow decided to grace my area.  Notice only sheep are hanging out, the goats high-tailed it for the comfort of the barn.

I guess if you have a nice wool coat on then standing in the blowing snow isn't all that bad.  Even little Pawlet on the left has a nice thick Shetland coat on, though she is probably thinking that big ole' Hamilton and Ethan could probably shield her from some of the blowing snow.  There is just something about sheep and snow that makes me smile regardless if the snow is blowing or not:)

How's the snow picture looking at your place?


jen said...

Great snow pictures!

It's quite blustery here:)
Hope you aren't hoping for a snow day this early in the season!

Christine said...

To say that my goats and chickens are not amused would be an understatement!

Susan said...

Looking pretty much the same here. Though instead of sheep standing in the snow it's a chubby Haflinger :)
The Cardigans think it's "the bomb"!!!

kristi said...

My school doesn't give snow days so I call them "sick days".....when you come over to bake?

Goats are the most pathetic animals when the snow flies but they are funny about it;)

Dixie undone lost her mind running through the snow this weekend! Can't wait to see your Cardi snow pics;)