Saturday, December 11, 2010

On Farm Help

When trying to accomplish any type of farm chores it is always a good idea to brief the animals on what is going to take place.  The animals are always compelled to lend a helping hand; however, some of their help is not always helpful.

The last few storms wrecked havoc on a few rows of shingles on the barn so I had to call in reinforcements to help repair them before this big winter storm blows in.  FWB, aka ex-husband, came over as he knew that if I attempted the reshingling I would make more of a mess and then when I would have to call him to fix my mess plus the original mess, well he knows me well enough that its just easier to come over the first time I call.  Twenty-five years of knowing each other does have some benefits:)  He also knows the animals well enough that he has to brief them before repair work starts as the thieving antics of the goats has gotten the best of him more than once.  I think his words probably included, "this is my ladder and my tools so lets leave it that way."

Of course, when one is on the job it is important to make sure there is someone there to watch the ladder.....Daisy was right there for FWB.

Miniature horse help is always there to offer opinion on how the job is going but if they don't get any "feedback" well they move on after a while. 
Todays temps reached the low 40's so it was nice to get a lot of barn chores done and I picked up an extra 35 bales of hay this morning. The weathermen are hyping this storm up pretty good so I plan on being holed up in the house tomorrow.  I can only pray for a snow day on Monday or Tuesday.............


Karen said...

Loved the post! What a crack up the farm help can be!
Wishing you a snow day on Monday.

Barb said...

You have such gooooood helpers there...two and four legged. If you are suppose to get the storm we are getting you will most definitely have a snow day on Mon/Tues.

Hunker down and enjoy those temps as long as you can. We are suppose to be -10 in the morning with -35 windchills. There will be extended chore time tomorrow.

Nancy K. said...

I have to admit, the idea of having someone around to help with things that need fixing, has it's appeal ~ but the idea of my ex getting ANY kind of benefits is off the Richter scale of repulsion!

Susan said...

Maybe I should send Camryn over? She'll actually hand him the tools she picks up!!!

tera said...

Funny, isn't it, what makes animals curious? And what they pay attention to. It's never things like, "Stay out of my flower bed," or "Don't poop there," though!