Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Windows

I just love peeking through windows to see a little Christmas cheer especially when the window panes have collected some fresh snow..........
My little wooden stake reindeer looks cheerful tucked inside even if I forgot some Fall decorations..........

The little illuminated reindeer I bought fit perfectly inside the window house and looks too cute lit up at night.  I put my Santa sign in there just to remind Santa to stop for me.  I have been very good this year........can't say much about those pathetic chickens out there and the only reason I swore a couple of times was because of them so Santa should overlook that minor infraction.

Outdoor cat Jingles just so happened to be sitting on the porch railing the other day while I was hanging the wreathes on all the windows so I couldn't resist a quick photo of him. 
Nine more school days left 'till Christmas Break starts..........YIPPEE!!!


Barb said...

I GOT AN EGG TODAY!!! It could be a trend. Don't give up on the ladies. Maybe it needs to start in the Midwest and migrate East.

Nancy K. said...

I bet that's a stuffed cat!


Your little Shetland ewe looks so TINY compared to those big, brutes!

Enjoy your break!

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

I like the wreath a lot - it's very nice!