Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Pre-Thanksgiving Day Poem

Its a week before the big turkey day,

and I've got something to say.

There's a problem in the coop,
and some chicks better give me the scoop.
There's gonna be some a flayin'
if they don't start a layin'!

I'm ready to throw a big fit and start to hollar,
cuz if I have to spend a dollar
and buy eggs that are fake,
pies are not the only thing I'm going to bake!!!!


the hand that feeds you, Kristi


Nancy K. said...

he he he he he...

jen said...

Good one sis!!!
I'll pick you up some eggs at the grocery store tomorrow:)

Barb said...

My girls aren't laying either. Four eggs in four weeks?!?!? Hubby says it is time for the stew pot but honestly, I can't eat Olive, or Hazel, or Hettie, or Bitty, etc. Sigh.

Sue said...


Marianne said...

I bet you already know this, but if you keep a light on in the coop, you'll get more eggs. We were down to 2 eggs a day (from abouit 25 layers!!!). We just started the light and we are already up to 6 eggs with more on the way.
Loved your poem.

Laura said...

I love it - I had to "buy" eggs last week. I have 7 hens, and they're on strike after having been moved and then the weather went kaput. There's actually one more move in their future, but then I'll get a light on them, and all will be well, and they won't join the many quarts of canned chicken in the house!

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it! I know the disgust you feel with having to buy store bought eggs. I had to once this past year, and it was painful. And last year my grandpa couldn't make his famous egg nog because my chickens were on strike. But now we have young upstarts that are producing like crazy so hopefully quiche for thanksgiving and egg nog for Christmas (and not roasted chicken!)

Teri said...

HAHAHAHA! I so feel your pain! Mine are very slow right now too.
Thanks for the chuckle - thats a hoot. :)

kristi said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I am happy to report that I received one egg yesterday! Gosh, I can't wait to use it!