Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just thinking on a Wednesday

The other day I received a box of roving from Ohio Valley Natural Fibers. I had pulled all of my moorit/brown based wool and some mioget colored, and decided to have it done into roving. I think a natural based roving in shades of brown would be really nice to have on a yearly basis. Because I am new to all of this roving, fiber, and yarn, I need to make a few decisions/calls on this idea.

I have 2 very solid, single coated moorit wethers of which I need to coat because I can foresee too much "extra" vegetation in their fleece. The roving I got back had some little pieces of vegetation but I think it could/should be cleaner. I have a nice, intermediate moorit ewe and then 2 mioget sheep. Would you blend the moorit and mioget or keep them separate?

I am excited to get my first true white fleeces this coming spring from Danby & Chelesa, the Romneys and Essex, my white Cotswold. Danby still likes to give me a bit of lip about the whole wethering issue but I still steal a hug on him;)

This 3 1/2 week transition time from Halloween 'till Thanksgiving creates too many anxiety issues for me.......trying to get everything ready before the first flakes start flying, preparing the barns for winter, cleaning up in the garden, wondering how bad the winter will get, am I making the right decisions on breeding, what can I make for Christmas to help with costs, ...........sigh, I will try to think about Thanksgiving break coming up and all the craft ideas and supplies I have piled high to do this winter and read all those books and magazines sitting on my table!!
So what are your pre-winter anxiety issues?


Barb said...

Looking at alllllll my bags of wool, some washed, some not, some in pencil roving, some in bumps. Seriously, I should be spinning 24/7 to get this all done. The garden is put away, gleaned by the flocks (thank you very much). We still need to get hay in but I am ready to just settle in for the duration. Too bad there is that thing called "work".

Deb said...

Your roving is lovely.......I love the natural colors. I see a beautiful sweater or shawl or socks or... :)
It's difficult when you have one fleece of one color of one fleece of another. I often mix colors together. Suprisingly you are very pleased with they way they come out.

I tend to get a little stressed this time of year - I've been working really hard to get everything done around the farm before the holidays and winter really arrives. I have gifts I would like to get finished before christmas - the thought is always there, it's just finding the time.

Try not to stress yourself out - it takes the fun out of it for sure :)

Tammy said...

I know what you mean, Kristi. I'm struggling to get those last necessary projects done outside before cold weather hits. At night I have very little time, but have been managing to squeeze in a little project here and there before it gets dark. Still need to order some round bales and some green wood too... Just overwhelming at times. Usually on my fleeces I will have them done individually--unless they are similar in quality, fleece type and color. I sell the roving though on my website, so I like to offer as many natural color variations as possible. Seldom does the roving ever turn out the color I think it will! Now if I could just get some of it spun up into yarn... sigh.. (always a 'next step' isn't there??)

jen said...

If I start talking about Christmas I will have an anxiety attack:)

Beautiful pictures sis, and yes I need matching pink boots-you are so smart:)