Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Very "Special" Sheep

Two years ago a very flashy ram lamb was born here at Harvest Thyme. The moment I saw in the barn on a Sunday morning I thought, "Oh my gosh, he is going to be a special little boy!" I named him after a popular song at the time and hence the name "Jammer" came to be.

Did you ever notice that sometimes when you name an animal, they kinda grow into that name? This was Jammer's dilemma....issue......it just seemed to suit him.

For example, he always seemed to be in the wrong place doing the wrong thing.......like eating in the garden...............

............or playing hide-n-seek behind the trees or just simply annoying the goats. Jammer's issues seemed to spiral out of control as he grew up. As a 5 month old ram lamb, he successfully bred 5 adult Shetland ewes and then around 11 months it was apparent that his horns were putting him in a "jam" and I decided to wether him and have the horns trimmed occassionally.
Overall, Jammie has become an extremely friendly and loveable boy and has yet to shed his sense of getting into jams.
Yesterday morning I let some of the sheep out to graze on the grass. Everything seemed to be going fine until I heard some serious banging in the big barn. Upon my arrival this is what I

First reaction was of course, to laugh hysterically because I knew who was in there. Second reaction was to grab my camera. Third was too laugh again. Fourth reaction, I decided to help Jammer out of his jam.......again.

Jammer: " I am glad you found that hysterical and that you found time to run and get your camera while I was in obvious distress. Could you have possibly found a little humanity and helped a brother out? I was scared to death that I was going to kick the bucket!"

Me: "I am sorry Jammie.......you know I love you. Come on, give me a kiss"
Jammer: "Whatever. I am not talking to you right now. Maybe tomorrow."


Susan said...

OMG Kristi, Jammer may not appreciate your leaving him for the camera but, I do. I truly needed a laugh big time. Prayers for one of my sons dogs, who has a blockage and will be having surgery in the morning.

Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

Silly Jammer. The kids and I especially loved the 'sheep in a bucket' pic!

Anonymous said...

Very cute-
i had a nice laugh- thanks!

jen said...

LOL! Poor Jammer!!!

But yay for you running to grab the camera! I can learn a lot from you big sis:)

Heather said...

How hilarious! Even more - his embarassment afterward.

Nancy K. said...

Silly Jammer!

What a shame that his horns went bad.

Tammy said...

I remember Jammer's 'big moment' and when you suddenly had lambs that you hadn't planned on! There does seem to always be one in every bunch that is always getting in a 'jam'. Thanks for the laugh.

thecrazysheeplady said...


Barb said...

I think I would really like Jammer! Sounds like my kind of guy. Ahma, my elder shetland, goes through the "I'm not talkin' to you at the moment" ( or next 8 months)after each shearing. She forgets and starts to walk over to be scratched then remembers, "Oh, that's right, I hate her", puts her nose up in the air and walks away. Thankfully, she has forgiven me early this year. Scratched chins after only 6 months post shearing....yay! :0)