Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thinking of Halloween

Oh yes, not only is it Autumn, it is now October! Truly the best month of the year! I know, I am pathetic with all the decorations but I just can't help it. The Halloween stuff is starting to appear around the homestead now. This sign below just cracked me up:)

I hung this on the front porch, looks cute with the orange lights:)
(this is just a photo frame so I could get the words in the pic)

My Halloween spirit must be contagious, even the animals are getting into. Actually, Sweet Pea told me she wants to dress up as one of those silly goats with ears. She said the wool thing looks like too much work for Halloween.

Squirt was thinking of going with the popular vampire theme or perhaps the devil look for trick-or-treating this year. I am thinking the devil look suits his personality best.
See, these are the things that happen when one doesn't have 2 legged children, the 4 legged guys have to put up with my "issues"!
So whatcha gonna be for Halloween this year?


jen said...

Very cute!!!
Poor Squirtie Man-He has no where to go trick or treating!

Barb said...

Gone (as in "what am I gonna be for Halloween). I will be coming back from SOAR to be held in SE Wisconsin. May be ready for an early bedtime that night.