Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Sheepy Photo

I am no photographer but I still like to think I am. Sheep can be so hard to get a good photo of and just when you want to get that perfect look or capture the right image, they see you and they bail!! They are the worst animal to "sneak" up on. I have been wanting to get a good photo of one of my yearling ewes. The other day, I was able to get this shot of her.

Now while I was pleased with the shot it still did not capture what I was looking for.......I wanted to add softness, an inner beauty, a peacefulness that a sheep can bring to a shepherdess. I went to Picnik and played around and came up with this. I love the sepia effect on pictures! It is exactly how I see her........soft, possessing an inner beauty......gosh I sound mushy but I really love this ewe and her personality and getting the perfect picture of her has been a mission of mine!

This is Harvest Thyme Pawlet, a yearling musket ewe and a true favorite of mine!
What do you think?
I had her in the header photo but I thought the photo was too narrow so I have to play around more. My new header photo was taken from my back deck. Its also the view from the kitchen window......I love seeing Autumn on the farm!


Nancy K. said...

I LOVE your header photo! I do think it would be even better unframed. The frame seems a bit distracting. At least to me. But it is a gorgeous picture! Would you please come decorate my place for my Open House this Saturday?????


Teri said...

Kristi she is beautiful - I just love her eyes. Makes me want to reach out and pet her. The header photo is wonderful. What a peaceful, beautiful view! You are blessed!

kristi said...

thank you:)I would love to come to meet all of your sheep but I hear you've been getting some white stuff up your way!

Thanks for stopping by! I think you should get a few goats and sheep! Goats are like dogs and just insanely friendly but sheep are better to hug;)

Teri said...

Great photos! It is very hard to take phots of sheep! I have been trying for years ... and have only captured a few.
Your sheep are beautiful!

Karen said...

I love the photo. She has such sweet eyes, and a personality to match. I really like the new header photo, too!

I love being able to check in and tell my little sheep family what's happening at at their other home.
Take care,
Karen aka Abu