Sunday, October 17, 2010

Of the Boogieman & A New Shetland Friend

Inside this chicken coop is a scary situation.

Last week the girls had 2 zero egg days!! Now this is totally unacceptable in that this is the start of good baking season weather.

Of course, they try to pacify me with days of 3 or 4 eggs; HOWEVER, when their are 18 chickens in that coop, this pacification is not scoring any points with me. So, since Halloween is coming up here in about 2 weeks, I have resorted to threats. If egg production does not increase within the next 2 weeks.......................

.............the BOOGIEMAN is gonna come a knockin' in the chicken coop!!!!!

On a lighter note, Harvest Thyme had some wonderful visitors this weekend! Karen and the Professor came all the way from New York to pick up their Shetland Sheep! They bought 3 ewes and 3 wethers to start a fiber flock of Shetlands! They picked up 3 this weekend and will be coming back next weekend for the rest but I am going to try and sneak in a goat for them too:) My sheep could not have gotten a better home than Karen's place! Please take a moment to click on the link to see the beautiful surroundings that my 6 sheep now call home and if you have a chance, welcome Karen to the wonderful world of Shetland sheep!
Karen, you are a blessing and a new friend! Thank you so much!


Foothills Poultry said...

Try hanging KFC Buckets on the windows.


kristi said...

Wow, I really luv that evil....but to the point:)

Kara said...

Hi Krisit,

Congrats...more Harvest Thyme sheep in the Finger Lakes...that is 2 lakes over!

Michelle said...

Hey, at least you made me feel better about what I thought was pathetic egg production at Boulderneigh - hee! I have six new girls who will join the five remaining "old" hens in the chicken coop later this winter; then we should be back in the ova!

Congrats on the good home; I'm off to check that link.

Susan said...

Love the KFC idea. To bad I just threw one away yesterday :)

jen said...

The KFC bucket is a great idea!!

I wish I could say that I needed some eggs, but I don't:)

Barb said...

Let me know if the scary hands work. I've been getting three eggs a day from 12 hens! I think they're too busy eating as many fresh bugs as they can before they're all gone for the winter. :o)