Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Little PITAS

October 2nd and the hormones are in full rage over here! As a result, they are now labeled as my PITAS: Pain-in-the-Asses. Last year I bred no one and I am thinking that if I do not breed anyone this year, there could possibly be a mutiny on the owner, me! I have actually toyed with who was going to be bred to who and though I have not divulged that information to anyone, there seems to be a power trip going on in the boys clubhouse.

Pictured above are the 2 head PITAS in the clubhouse. Smooth polled Jed and horned Ripton, whose grandsire is Jed, obviously somone didn't get the magic polled gene.

This would be the other "butthead" pose. These two have been stuck like glue the last 2 weeks. Now I do have to say that using Jed has improved the tails on the spotted sheep I have. So I thinking Ripton is going with Windswept Savannah because she is mioget and would it not be fun to have a mioget spotted lamb? Perhaps he is getting Abby, a fawn kat also who has delivered 2 spotted lambs also. Jed is going with Windswept Betsy as that match has produced spots before and he is getting Sally Ann the ewe I had for sale. Sally Ann has produced 2 smooth polled rams in 2 separate breedings. She has been sold and with fingers crossed her new owner Dave will get some nice polled genetics!

Jed: "Are you serious, this little punk is an off-spring of mine? Look at him, he thinks he's all that and then some."

Jed: "Hey, my friend here, TJ, wants to know if you can help him out this season?"
"Well Jed, I am thinking about it, I will keep you posted. But only if you guys promise to stop beating the crap out of the gate, its starting to look ghetto out there!"


Barb said...

I LOVE the last picture...."Please, please, please let me help!!"

Kara said...

The last picture is my favorite too!:)

Christine said...

That last picture made me spit chips all over my laptop. :)