Monday, October 11, 2010

A Beautiful Fall Day

I was fortunate to have today off and enjoy this insanely beautiful Autumn weather! I wasted no time sleeping in as I had a packed day of events. Barn chores to catch up on, the vet was coming to do health certificates on sheep, my parents were stopping over for lunch and to share their photos of their trip to Vermont ( I know, they went w/out me!!), and just to spend time enjoying being home.

This morning I let some of the sheep out to graze on the fresh grass. Miss Addison, who is in the center (Shet. x blk. Cotswold) has the most beautiful fleece and is looking like a chunky wooly ewe!

I caught Dixie enjoying the morning Fall colors and keeping an eye on the sheep.

I found this little guy in the barn this morning........never seen one of these types around before. Perhaps a tree frog? If he's poisonous, don't let me know;)
Lots to blog about as things are really busy here. Six of the Shetland sheep are leaving this Saturday to a wonderfully nice lady in New York. Her and her daughter are starting a fiber flock and I am honored to have her start with my sheep! She is taking 3 ewes and 3 wethers and she will have a nice variety of colors to start with. Sally Ann, my fawn kat ewe who has produced 2 smooth polled rams, is going to be bred to Jed and then is off to join a new Shetland flock here in Ohio along with one of my other spotted ewes. It is very refreshing and has renewed my goals for my sheep to know that they are moving into new flocks. I have more to say on this but I will leave that to another entry.
I hope everyone is enjoying this Autumn weather and for those of you who stop and read about life at Harvest Thyme, your interest and thoughts are much appreciated!


Sheila said...

Yes, that is a tree frog. We have them on our deck a lot. They would actually climb up the sliding glass door. They blend into whatever color they are on, so sometimes they give you surprise, but still fun to have around. Have a great day!

Kara said...

Fall is my favorite season, thanks for sharing your fall photos! :)

Tammy said...

Congrats on the sales. It is always hard, but also a tremendous relief to pare the numbers down. Love the picture of Dixie with the sheep! That would make a pretty card.

Barb said...

We had a tree frog like that one year that was a stow-away in the norfolk island pine. By the time he emerged from the soil it was deep into winter. We couldn't put him outside so he lived in the flower pot soil during the day and perched on the windowsill at night and waited for me to feed him. We named him "Tim". What a hoot he was. We managed to keep him alive and well fed all winter and put him out in the warm spring climate.

jen said...

Eww..I can't believe you touched that frog!!

Dixie looks so cute watching the sheep, she is such a good girl:)

Nancy K. said...

I'm glad to hear that you got a day off to enjoy this GORGEOUS Fall weather that we've been having! This season goes much too quickly.

Your pictures of your beautiful sheep are lovely.

Isn't it a good feeling to know that you can find good homes for your sheep and that your breeding program is not a waste of time and/or effort?!

Keep up the good work!