Friday, September 24, 2010

Of Fall and Sheep

Hands down Fall is my favorite time of year for so many reasons.........crisp mornings, dew on my rubber farm boots, chocolate chip pumpkin cookies, sweaters on a cool evening, crunchy leaves on a walk with the dogs, and just so many fun Fall decorations!!

I am addicted to Autumn decorations...............

..........they just make me smile way too much. There is just a comfort walking around the yard seeing pumpkins and scarecrows just smiling back at me:)

And just as good as Fall decorations is taking a sneak peek at what is brewing under sheepy wool! I just love the color and feel of Fletcher's wool but maybe I should get him a coat to keep that debris out? I am going to coat the new Romneys this will be my first endeavor with coats on sheep.

Fletcher and I just love each other! He loves attention....can you tell? He is the most mellow wether and who can resist those lips? LOL

So of Fall and Sheep........its the Best Time of the Year!


Michelle said...

Oooh, what GORGEOUS fleece! Fall is my favorite season, too, even if fall colors aren't really my favorites. Orange looks far better on pumpkins than it does on me....

Kathy in KY said...

I'm with Michelle - I am a pastel color gal, but I do love Fall - it has such a homey feel to it, and all of the decorations at your place make your place look so inviting and welcoming. I love the crimp of Fletcher's fleece, just beautiful. He has a sweet face, and yes I can't resist those lips either! LOL - Happy Autumn to you and your sheep and all of your other critters. Take care, Kristi - from KY.

jen said...

You decorations look great!
Come over and help me:)

Barb said...

Fall has definately arrived here in WI. I got up this morning to see the flock grazing in the west pasture with a back drop of the rising sun shining on the sugar maples with the dark blue sky and just-past full moon high in the sky. It was perfect.

Today....spinning and polishing up and oiling an Ashford Elizabeth wheel of a friend who passed away just over a week ago. It will be a treasured and unexpected gift to her niece this week. I hope the spinning tradition will continue.

Your place is so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Tammy said...

I'm hoping for a nice long fall--full of crisp air, blue skies and cool nights. We had a cool front move in last night and today is NICE. Love all your decorations! What a fun treat it is to see them.

kristi said...

thanks for stopping by! I love the fleeces on the wethers! Your flower pics were beautiful in your post:)

Good to hear from you! I hope your move is coming along stress free!

But would Leroy eat the decorations?

thank you for stopping by and the compliments! I really need to learn how to spend....I saw the yarn in your blog post and it looks so nice!

We got a cool front too! So refreshing to feel and I know the sheep are loving it! Its always nice to hear that readers like to see my decorations:)