Monday, September 6, 2010

My Fall Sampler

I know that Fall "officially" does not start for at least 2 more weeks but rules are meant to be broken.  And since I have long been done with the summer heat, today I started unloading the many Fall decorations I have. This coming weekend is one of my favorite Fall craft shows, one that I know my Dad can't wait to go to LOL.  Yesterday I stopped to pick up some veggies (the ones my garden failed to produce) at a roadside market stand and couldn't help but buy a mum.  I just happened to have my camera out in the garden today when this little snapshot came along.  So with a little help from Picnik I created my own Fall Sampler!
I hope everyone is getting that Fall Feeling:)


The Chicken Keepers said...

We are getting the fall feelings! Love fall. We even changed our blog lay out for fall :~0 LOL!

The Chicken Keepers

jen said...

Oh my!!! That picture of Bobby looks so good! I think that is my most favorite picture of all time!

Tammy said...

Love the fall snapshot! I'm ready for this stupid hot summer to be done too. I would love to see a long crisp fall. My garden was a bust this year, and I'm already pulling stuff up. I too bought mums (SIX!) just because I needed a blast of color around.

Foothills Poultry said...

I can't wait for Fall. We are getting some fall nights and had a decent weekend. This week we are heading back up to around 90. I hate heat and this summer has been miserable.


Anonymous said...

I have been feeling like fall for almost a month already! As soon as we start our school year, it feels like fall to me.