Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hug Practice

A few days ago I read that there is a "Hug A Sheep" Day brewing for possibly October 30th on Punkin Patches blog site.  I have not heard of any confirmations but I love the idea and would love to support it in any way I can.  Today I thought I would get a practice photo since my Dad was over and was apply to take my picture with one of the sheep.  Bennington, my Black Cotswold wether, is truly one of my most huggable sheep.  He would let me hug and love on him for hours.  He loves his daily hugs and I just love giving him one every day!

Have You Hugged Your Sheep or Animal Today?


Nancy K. said...

You're right, Krist. Sara and I are designating Oct. 30th as "Hug A Sheep" day. We're working on the details but both of us are planning on holding Open Houses to promote wool-breed sheep and the fabulous fiber they provide! We're talking about having buttons and/or T-shirts ~ perhaps even bumper stickers, made up that promote the day. The shorthand for the "holiday" is "HAS!" (Hug A Sheep!) I use that as my sign-off, signature line along with the line: "I HAS"
(Hugged A Sheep)

Have Ewe?

We were thinking of having something similar made up on T-shirts. What do you think?

Sara's busy getting ready for the Kentucky Wool Festival, so can't devote a lot of time until that's over. Actually, I think it may be this weekend!



Barb said...

Yes, in fact I have. Ahma, my shetland ewe loved her morning hug. Her daughter was out in the pasture eating so Ahma could have my undivided attention without Lily pushing in for her portion.

kristi said...

please keep me posted! I love the t-shirt idea. This could really be a cute idea for me to bring into my school for the younger ones. Thanks for stopping by and giving me a heads up:)

so good to hear from you! I love the names of all of your cats btw! Don't you just love hugs in the morning?:)

Diane said...

My Cotswolds appreciate hugs, too, especially the rams. Visitors are always amazed at how friendly my sheep are. I tell them there are several reasons I raise Cotswolds, and their wonderful temperament is certainly one of them. I and my sheep applaud "Hug a Sheep" day!

BTW, I like your blog. The layout is very attractive, and your posts are enjoyable.

kristi said...

Thank you for stopping by and the compliments! I am going to add you to my list because I can never find bloggers with loveable Cotswolds;)