Monday, September 13, 2010

Art in the Garden

This past weekend I attended two Fall Craft shows.  I got more ideas than actually puchasing stuff for once.  The one show carried the theme of "Art in the Garden".  So these are 2 attempts by me at art in the garden.

Attempt #1:  I took this old chimenia neck (part of a whole chimenia that was used by an escaped horned Shetland ram as a "toy" to be knocked over).  I refused to throw it out because I paid too much money for it so now it is art in my garden!

Attempt #2:  A pie pumpkin as art on this bench.....pathetic art effort on my part it looked cute just sitting there:)

Now seriously, I need to start thinking about all these sheep I have.  I need to get my numbers way down before winter and I have too let go of at least 10 of them right off the top.  Essex pictured above is a 2 yr old white Cotswold that I am "thinking" of breeding to TJ, my Black Cotswold ram this Fall but only if I trim these numbers down.  I have got to get updated pics this weekend, post them, make sale ads to put at the feed stores.....why does September and October get so crazy so fast?  I think I already need to use a sick day.....cough, cough...............I have a headache............I am feeling dog ate my homework..............  ;)


Kathy in KY said...

Hey Kristie - I wish I was set up to get some of your sheep, but won't be able to get any animals until next spring, depending on what I find on the farm for shelter. There is an empty dairy barn, but I don't know if there is much shelter from drafts, etc. I'll have a better idea in about a month or so. Also need to factor in all aspects of having animals into the budget. Love the looks of Essex - the long fleece; I also like Romneys and am looking forward to your pics and updates on the ones your brought home from Vermont. I'm moving to the cabin in less than 2 weeks, so am busy with purging junk and unneeded/unused items so as not to make things too cluttered - it's almost worse doing this than actually packing. So good to see your post. Cool looking pumpkins in your garden. Take care, from central KY.

Heather said...

I"d love a few of your sheep, too, but sneaking them across the border may be hard.
Fall is such a busy time. It must be insane for you being a teacher, too.
Lol, it may be hard to get a sick day if you post of it before hand, not?

jen said...

Please don't tell me you are going to quit your job and become an artist, it really doesn't work for you:)

kristi said...

I wish you the best of luck in your move! Change is good!

Illegal problem, I'll just dress them up a bit:) Thanks for stopping by!

Don't hate, appreciate!

Voni said...

I love seeing your garden pictures, and of course any sheep pictures.

Deb W said...

I seem to remember seeing a lot of GOATS in a photo of one of your enclosed paddocks. You would give up sheep, and keep the goats? Unless you keep them for milk, I don't get it - and I don't remember reading anything about milking goats on your blog. ???

kristi said...

thank you for stopping by the blog and the compliment on my gardens! I love playing in my gardens but I have way too many ideas for it:)

I have no desire to get rid of the sheep or goats. I just need to downsize my sheep as I have way too many right now. I do have LaMancha and Nigerian Dwarf goats. My goal is to raise a nice small herd of LaManchas. Goats are actually quite fun to have on a farm. The LaManchas are extremely personable and very smart. The Nigerians, for me at least, are a bit more standoffish though the wethers are quite the comics. I have 15 goats currently:)