Monday, August 9, 2010

"Your too Loose."

"But I can't get it tighter......." I said holding the chopsticks, I mean needles in my hands with a ball of yarn all over the place.
"Yes you can, it comes with practice but it must be tighter," the teacher lady said.
"But if its tighter I can't get the chopsticks, I mean needles, to get in that little flippin hole!!!" I thought to myself. 
Looking over my shoulder, she asked, "Are you knitting or purling now?"
"Hell, if I know!" I thought but instead said, "I am knitting now, right?"
"Excellent!  See your getting it," she announced with a pat on my shoulder.

So that was my first knitting class!  I had the biggest headache by the end of 2 hours from concentrating so hard and look at how hard I worked in the above picture!! Okay,  well I have 2 samples that size but still it was a lot of work! 
I finally signed up to take a knitting class.......actually at JoAnn Fabrics.  I know, I have sheep, bags of wool and roving, Cotswold yarn coming at the end of January and I do not know how to knit.  But after my first class, I am on my way to being a knitting crazy woman! I am signing up for more classes and actually, the teacher was quite nice and patient and there was only me and another lady in the class so I got lots of attention;)  Now the whole problem with knitting, is forcing myself to just sit down and knit.  I know its something I will enjoy, its just finding the time................
So, the teacher said I have to come with my first "project" in mind for the next class in September........................I have the perfect project!

No problem........okay maybe its a bit ambitious;)

How about this merino hand-knit sweater?  Don't you just love those pom-poms?
Okay, I know just start with a simple scarf.
Its gonna be a loose scarf, not a tight one.
I hate tight things.
I like it loose.
Ex-husband said I was............ opps, too much information. 
Mom or Dad might be reading.
Now what color should my loose scarf be????


Kathy in KY said...

Ah, yes, Kristi - I have been crocheting for over a year, and have only mastered granny squares, and dishcloths, and small afghans for dogs! As far as yarn goes - try checking out Kelly's yarn at this site

She has some awesome colors,and the dyelots can be matched, but there is still a bit of variation in each skein. I did a few postings on my blog about Romney Ridge Farm, and have some pics of the skeins I've gotten in the past, and actually did one post yesterday if you'd like to take a look. And I have the "subjects" on my blog so you can just look at the ones where I mention Romney Ridge Farm and see some of her lucious yarns. I want to teach myself how to knit over the winter. Just bought the book, Knitting for Dummies - perfect for this ol gal from KY - dontcha think? LOL -- good luck mastering those chopsticks, OOPS! I mean needles. Take care from the Bluegrass Region of KY. Ah yes - those ex-husbands - what do they know!

melanie said...

Excellent start...perhaps you need a change of venue? Sitting in a crafts store with all that creativity pressure surrounding you and someone looking over your shoulder...I suggest a porch rocker or yard swing and a beverage of your choice at hand...

As for the first project? Go with goes with everything.

Kara said...

Great start! The thing about knitting, spinning, or blogging for that matter, is that it gives people like us something to DO when we are supposed to be taking a few minutes break to sit down! I can't just take a break...I have to be doing something.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores said...

I have to say it's a bit ironic since most beginning knitters tend to over-tighten their stitches and, just as you suggested, have problems getting the needle in on the way back. When I first learned to knit (self-taught), my stitches were so tight that I got a blister from pushing the needle through the stitches. With practice, it does get easier, you will get faster and your gauge will become YOUR gauge. By the way, YouTube is an excellent resource for reinforcing knitting techniques and advancing your skills...and you can play them over and over again.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores said...

I should've signed that -- it's just me...Leigh-Anne at Jo-Ann

jen said...

OMG, Mom and Dad must be so proud of you.
Maybe you could knit you sister a pair of mittens because she has that disease thing with her hands:)

Barb said...

My first class was for knitting a pair of socks...ya, I silly of me. I had made a mistake that the instructor offered to fix for me. As she was fixing my mistake she was also talking to another student, hands automatically trying to "tink". Finally she realized that she absolutely. could. not. get. the. needle. inside. the. stitch.!! She just looked at me and told me I needed to loosen up my knitting. :o) She had never encountered such tight knitting. I am better now but still tend to knit on the tight side.

Will look forward to seeing some really cool many possiblilties!

kristi said...

I actually was thinking of ordering some yarn from Kelly, she has beautiful stuff!

I do good under pressure LOL! I have found that my cats seem to enjoy my knitting also......

I was thinking of introducing knitting to my students this year LOL

Thanks for stopping by...good grief how did Jo-Ann's find me in blog world?????

I will think about it if your good and stop to see us more oftne;)

thanks for stopping by! I stopped by your blog and I love the header photo! Yep, I do not think I am going to get the yarn that tight;)